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Is anyone willing to entertain the idea
I think the answer is obvious.If you don't hear, or don't think you hear, any difference or improvement by adding/subtracting something in your system, then don't do it.I never really have understood the apparent "need" that some people have, for ... 
What cartridge to use....Rega RB25 Structural Mod
I'd recommend adding a "TWL mod" to your 250, at the expense of sounding like I'm beating my own drum.Please check out the "Strange Tonearm Tweak" thread, here in the Analog forum.Many have found this to be a very solid improvement, particularly w... 
Tracking Force for Denon DL-103r
Thank you Dan.I'll be trying to be as helpful as I can with my posting.I'm glad to be back. 
Electrostat transparency from conventional speaker
I'd say your best chance at doing that would be to find a dynamic speaker that has nearly full range out of a single drive element. And one who's drive element has exceptionally low mass and also has a very strong magnetic drive motor.There are so... 
About Lugnut -- Patrick Malone
I was just thinking of Pat last night on my way home from work. It does seem unreal that I can't pick up the phone and call him like I used to. It's a real shame, and I miss him. 
Curved OR straight Rega arm
I'd strongly recommend getting the later Rega table with the straight tonearm. The later Planar 2 had an RB250 on it, and the later Planar 3 had the RB300 on it.The older curved arm was not in the same league as these other 2 arms.That being said,... 
Low compliance cartridges
Wepratt,I don't know of any low compliance MM cartridges, but I can tell you that the OL Silver with the TWL mod will work with cartridges up to 15cu rating, and that should provide some selection guidelines for you. 
Tracking Force for Denon DL-103r
I use the Origin Live Silver Mk1 on a Teres Model 245.I wrote a review of this cartridge for the Audiogon review section back in 2002. Perhaps you've seen it there. 
What would you say is the better sounding SET amp?
I am very very happy with my 45 SET.You need very efficient speakers with it. 
Tracking Force for Denon DL-103r
DL103R runs best at the higher end of the tracking force range, and 2.75g has always sounded best in my system. 
Spikes versus Rubber on wood floor?
If the floor seems to be the offending item, I always recommend fixing the problem, instead of adding some other item into the mix to try to mitigate the floor problem.Nsgarch has some good advice about locating the speakers over the joists, and t... 
using hokey pucks for isolating speakers from the
Seriously, anything that you put there will affect the sound in some way. You may like it, or you may not.If you use some kind of product like hockey pucks, which are not engineered or designed for the purpose you use them for in audio systems, th... 
Energy damping or energy transfer?
It's been our experience that all different products perform differently, and even can be different in various applications.Primarily, the idea of vibration transfer would be aimed at taking the vibrations away from the equipment and down into a l... 
Strange Tonearm Tweak. Long
Gilbodavid,Very happy you liked the mod.It is pretty much a requirement when using a cartridge like the Denon DL103R on a Rega-type arm.Every so often, somebody actually tries this mod, and the response is aways one of "amazement".It's really just... 
Is Star Sound Technologies out of business?
Holly, don't be concerned, you did nothing wrong.Computers do strange things sometimes.I understand completely.I'm happy that you got the info you were looking for.