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Cartridge for my Linn Sondek LP12?
The Linn Adikt is a Linn-labeled Goldring 1042, made for them by Goldring. Same with the Roksan Corus Black, and the Audio Note IQ-1 or IQ-2(can't remember which one).I like the Goldring series cartridges on those tables, for the MM class. 
Cartridge advice--Rega style arm
I like the Shelter 501 on my Origin Live tonearm. It is a little light for the 501, so I added the HiFi tonearm mod to it, and it sounded even better.Haven't heard the Music Maker III, but I did try the Music Maker II, and I didn't think it sounde... 
Vinyl Reason
I like the sound better. Maybe others have different reasons. 
Teres vs VPI, SME, Origin Live, etc.
I don't have an "umlaut" on my keyboard either, and don't know any other way to make one. 
What speakers do you use with your SET's?
Ttrhp, I downloaded the plans for the Hedlunds a while ago, but never made them(yet). I think they look like a really cool project.Let me know how they work out for you. 
Teres vs VPI, SME, Origin Live, etc.
All this talk about Schroeders is giving me an inferiority complex about my modded OL Silver! :^) 
speaker excursion..."mo power"..and bass..Sean
I think the damping factor issue is directly related to the speaker in question, which may very likely have a very low moving mass and very high magnetic field and very short excursion length(such as my speakers), and thus have a very significant ... 
What speakers do you use with your SET's?
Hi Nate.You know which speakers I use.It's the Lowther EX3 drivers in a pair of modified Voigt Pipe cabinets.There is a "synergy" involved with SET amps and single-driver loudspeaker systems. They work very well together.In most cases, there is a ... 
getting more bass out of meadowlarks
Pergo floors have a relatively thick foam pad under them which makes the floor feel a bit "springy" when you walk on it, and is a very unstable floor for audio use. It allows all kinds of unwanted motion to happen, regarding the speakers. Wouldn't... 
Turntable, Tube Amp and Two Speakers System
Please give some details about your budget, and your listening room size, and how loud you like to play music. 
Linn Tables. Where to start? Please Help
I had an LP12 for over 10 years, and liked it alot.However, what was stated above about the "finicky" nature of these turntables is true. You need to either know how to do the set up on these tables, or have a good dealer. Most LP12 users out ther... 
Suggestions for Feet
Jim, the Audiopoints that we have do not have a 3/4" model.The lowest is 1" high.Not sure what to recommend to you, but I'd stay away from any soft absorbtive types, personally. Dynamics seem to suffer on TT's, when using soft feet. But they are g... 
Top 5 Best audiophile tracks to test equipment
I like to use some Rickie Lee Jones tracks when checking out my system's performance. Woody and Dutch on the Slow Train to Peking, on the RLJ "Pirates" album is a good one. A real fun song.Also, most all of the cuts on the RLJ first(self-titled) a... 
Interconnects: a conductor is a conductor, right?
Sean, that's some good info to present.Many people realize that there are differences in cables, and that there are real technical reasons for the differences. Perhaps(and probably) we still don't know all the things we need to, but study and test... 
Anyone hear the Caravelle speaker and not like it?
Tvad, at this time the price of the Caravelles includes the pair of dedicated "latticework" Sistrum-design platforms(stands) that come with the Caravelles at the $5k price. They are designed as a package, and the stands are included in the price, ...