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Blu-Spec Kind Of Blue
Got Hendrix Electric Ladyland in blue-spec2. Very good!!Al booklet text in Japanese! 
Focal Stella Utopia EM
About 95000usd in Scandinavia with VAT 25%. 
Shunyata Triton
My dealer say if I buy a Triton I must use the very expensive new Anaconda C19 as power cable (4500USD in Europe) from Triton to wall. Is this true? Whats the price of that cable in US?Cant I buy a older used Anaconda or the Zitron Cobra you talki... 
Blu-Spec Kind Of Blue
I have the Blue Spec Sony Jazz sampler. The tracks are very well know jazz fav by Miles Davis, Weather Report, Dave Brubeck, Thelenious Monk, Duke Ellington, etc. There is 2 cds with the same masters. One is with regular CD and one is Blue Spec. M... 
Review: APL Hi Fi NWO 4.0 Master Edition CD Player
Forgive an perhaps stupid Q, After 1000 H burn in time is the 2 small NOS tubes on the back ready for replacment? Whats the lifespan of this tubes? What do they cost?. 
Velodyne DD vs DD18plus?
Thanks for advice. I will look for a used dd18+ when they start to come out on the market. Good thing to have display on the sub itself. 
Does the ARC Ref5 sound better than Ref2/3 ?
There are at least 3 versions of the ref 3.First batch with a different set of (inferior) tubes.Then- I think the most common- with the present set of tubes.The the last batch was a Lim Ed with some changes and very good sound. Some of my audiophi... 
Does the ARC Ref5 sound better than Ref2/3 ?
Hifigeak1My friend, a skilled tecnician, had inspected both ref3 and ref 5 and he says that the simplification on ref5 against ref3 is rather big. That should lead to lower production costs perhaps even out the cost of many hours fine tuning a new... 
Does the ARC Ref5 sound better than Ref2/3 ?
i have read some posts that says that REF5 is made more simply than ref3. Fewer parts etc and that it should cost less than ref3 even if it sounds better and that to the benefit of the audio world. On the other hand a local agent says it has newer... 
Accuphase C2400 How does it compare?
I have C2400 and it makes absolute fantastic sound with the Accuphase 50V Class A amp driving my Maxx3.It has to be used in balanced mode for best result.And those tone controlls are really handy. I can t understand why most high ends preĀ“s s lack... 
Accuphase 109V tuner vs T-1000?
I bougth the T-1000 and its really good even better than 109V.When our state owned radio Swedish Radio, SR, sends classical concerts live direct from Berwaldhall here in Stockholm it is perhaps THE best source you can have.In some test the dig out... 
Review: Wadia 781 CD Player
Hi KawikaThanks for a very well written test.Here in Scandinavia mamy people held the old Wadia 7+9 system very high. Have you listen to this combo and how does it compare to newer CDP like 781? 
Accuphase 109V tuner vs T-1000?
Do you use it analog out or digital out to a DAC? Whats the difference to the sound if any? 
Valhalla non factory termination- lower value?
Here is what a british audio dealer says about Valhalla value:"the resale values ofValhalla have dropped significantly lately, especially as yours have non original terminations - even though we know the Bullets are very good, they do devalue the ... 
What speakers are good with Burmester?
I have Silverline Grande La Folia speaker (all dynaudio drivers). They sound really wonderfull with my previous combo: McIntosh c220pre and Burmester 911mk3.The speakers sounds even better with my present swedish built LA Mayro integ. tube amp but...