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Old used high end transport vs new same price ?
Thanks for respons! Busciz2 what do you use for cable btwn DAc and transport and what power cable do you use? 
Anyone listen to Emmlabs DCC2 plus new transport?
Thanks for the glimse. It had be wonderful to compare DCC2 plus transport on Reedbook with the best Digial source I have listen to: Forsell DAC and Forsell Air Bearing transport with Synergy IIi pre (since the DCC2 is also a pre) 
Forsell DAC and transport the best?
Thanks for answer. I agree with the description of the sound. its so smooth and relaxed and varm and you hear the details aswell. The music flows in a most natural and musical way. 
Anyone listen to the Dodson 218 DAC?
There are a rave review of dodson 218 on new internet zine Ultimate Audio. But thats the first time I read something of 218 on the net. Nobody seems to have bougth the DAC since I have asked 4 times on Audiogon and Audioasylum on opinions and got ... 
Muse Model 9 Signature vs Model 10
I have the signature ver 3 and I have asked the same q a number of timeshere and on AA but with no answer, Is Muse a very small company in US since so little intrest? I live in Europe.I haved been told by a guy here in my country that you have to ... 
How good is the Resolution Opus CDP?
Good REview. Thanks. Any comment on the statment on the post above that Opus dont held resale value compared to ML gear? 
Anyone with experince with Dodson 218DAC?
I have asked this q here before and it has been asked on audio asylum several times.So far not a single person has answered that he has experince with this DAC. Very peculiar.My personal explanation is that its so expensiv that nobody going to buy... 
Audio Artistry Beethoven - heard it?
Audio Artistry is still active and makes both Dvoraks and Beethovens and are soon to release a new speaker.As a owner of both Dvoarks and Beethovens I can say that they are among the worlds best speakers.Unfortunatly the web site is inactive, but ... 
Best way connect. transp to DAC.Via BNC or AES/ebu
Thanks for your answers! 
Recommendations for used cd player
I have a Muse 9 sign and if you dont choose latest version it is a true bargain on the used market. I have tested my Muse (gen 3) against Wadia 860x in my system and my Muse was at least as good as Wadia. Wadia has little more resolution and Muse ... 
Battery power on Synergy 2i?
Thanks for pointing out the benefits. But I am also intrested in hearing from someone who actually has experince with this pre with and without battery. 
Which preamp for Rowland 8Ti?
Unfortunatly for me the shop which sell X1 for 3k on Audiogon would not ship outside USA (I live in Europe).Anyone who know a dealer who migth do that? 
Which preamp for Rowland 8Ti?
Thanks for your answer, I will check Pass pre. What about the Pas x1 pre that Absolut Sound has in class 2.Its new price is 5K and perhaps it can be bougth for half that price used? 
Marble or Granite shelfs in a hifi rack?
Whats Neuance and Sistrum? 
Used Pass 600monos or Rowland 8TiHC?
I have read over and over again that Rowland House sound is laid back and warm. But then people disagre. Someone calling it boring and someone calling it musically superb. I have only listen to the Model 2 with the best midrange (vocals) I have ev...