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Any opinions on AYRE DVD/cdp
Claudiowen. Would be intrested to hear whats the rest of your systém is. Im considering the new Ayre V& amp with six channels to biamp my Audio Artistry speakers main panel and use the last 2 channels to power the subs. 
Your vote - BEST CD PLAYER in the world??
I agtree with the Muse 0 signature player. Read the rave reviwe in Ultimate Audio avalivly on Muse homesite. I have compared my Muse in my sytem with twice so expensive Wadia 860X and the Muse was better in every respecy with fanatstic resolution,... 
Best Preamp under $5k??
Muse 3 w separate power supply is the best preamp I have heard for under $5k, Together with MUSE 9 sig CDP it makes great music in my system 
Top Ten Speaker Cables of all time?...
I have used the SILVERSMITH AUDIO speaker cables for some months now. Itts the best cable I have ever heard and they lifted my Audio Artistry speakers to a new dimension. Several of my frinds now use sILVERSMITH and the cable outpermored PAD and T... 
Which Wadia a better buy in value terms?
I have heard a Wadia 860x in may system (audio artistry-Rowland) and it was very good. But the new Muse 9 signature CDP was better in every aspect. At 3800$ its a stellar performer!! 
Muse 9 CDP the best CD I ever have heard
I have not heard the Linn in my own system but in an all Linn system with their biggest amps, Klimax?, biamping their biggest speakers. The sound from my system was clearly superior.The most apperant was the more resolution and "airness" in my sys... 
Muse 9 CDP the best CD I ever have heard
Nobeige I agree partly that the 9 looks are not so good. The wadia at twice the price has much nicher looks, but I rather have the 9 since its so much better that the Wadia. To Dkuipers The Audio Artistry speaker needs 2 exacltly same amps to soun... 
Muse 9 CDP the best CD I ever have heard
Im building a high resolution system around the Audio Artistry Dvorak speaker. Its an incredible good speaker, much underrated, with Silversmith cables (triwired-very expensive but worth it). I use Rowland model 2 amp for the main panel and lookin... 
Muse 8 tranport + 296 DAC, the best?
I will use them in balanced mode. I just got word from Kelvin at Muse that the integrated player 9 signature at 4000$ has the same sound quality than the separate combo at 7000$ only lacking some inputs. 
Most Honest Audio Magazine?
For your information I just heard about a Italian brand who wants to start selling high end in USA, They asked S´phile if they would do a review of one of their products. They was answered that this was perhaps possible but advertising in a couple... 
Your opinions on Audio Artistry?
Thanks for your ansers. Im bit puzzled about the low used price. 2000 dollars seems a bargian if you can get them for that. More opionions of the used priced are welcome Ì have now on loan 2 ARC VT100II and the worlds "best" cables Silversmith (ve... 
Opinions on Muse 3 premp wanted
Yes I finaly bougth the MUSE preamp and its absolutly first class sound together with the Pass amp.I have now for the first time an all balanced system (Micromec Dac+Drive) and I think this also contribut to the great sound. 
I have the Aleph 5. The same fantastic sound as the 3 but with more power.