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Help with Audio Jigsaw Puzzle Please
If you use the powered speakers with the dac/streamer, try turning the volume wide open on the speakers and control the volume from the preamp. I use a similar setup and this made a big difference for me.    Good luck!  
Bacch Dsp, True stereo?
Hifi is serious business.  
Bacch Dsp, True stereo?
I assume the technology, in order to achieve market penetration, will become more affordable and recognized/promoted among manufacturers. I’m not an early adopter, I’ll wait until the dust settles… if I live that long, haha. Sounds promising thou... 
Service After the Sale
If I don’t feel comfortable regarding service after the sale I don’t buy the product.   
Can anyone explain what a power tube does inside an amplifier, eg kt88.
What a convoluted pig trail of conversation.   
Influencer personality trait  
Inexpensive but decent 8" subwoofers
Jamo has a couple of vertical subs that are pretty stylish and inexpensive. Never heard them though. Hope you find something you like!    
Why on earth?
@newbee +1 I generally listen for consensus. For instance, if several reviewers comment that a certain speaker is a difficult load, I tend to file it away. Regarding watching YouTube as time well spent, I occasionally read a debate thinly veiled... 
Watermelon test for audiophiles!
It’s ours now… I knew 2023 was going to be a big year!  
Dynamic Range - the golden key to music nirvana?
I’m plum flustered  
Dynamic Range - the golden key to music nirvana?
Hogwash I tell you! Pure hogwash! A fabrication of the worst type, stereo misinformation! Well I never! Just when I thought I had seen it all!  
Rant: PSA to builders, housewives, and general complaint
I’m my opinion, the open concept is good for a couple of reasons.    1. If the house is on the smaller side, the concept stretches the square footage a bit by not dividing the space too many times.    2. Many people like being able to cook, eat,... 
Ethernet connection for best sound quality
Rant: PSA to builders, housewives, and general complaint
I’m a single man, so I pull a chair in the sweet spot and leave it until I have visitors.  Life ain’t fair and the world is mean!  
Does someone’s opinion affect your opinion?
@deadhead1000  I can relate to your story. I’m guessing most people value other’s opinions and are subject to be swayed to a degree. The people we surround ourselves with and listen to is key, at least in my mind. But in the end, I make the call ...