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transaction gone bad Any recourse for me? HELP
I am sorry that things turned out the way they did, but perhaps there is a little instant karma going on here. If you agreed on the price, why the "stall". 
Tube Pre-amps for audition list
As Conrad-Johnson is the parent company of McCormack perhaps they will work well together. 
Confused about DVD-A
Sorry to add to your confusion but there is a difference between DVD-A and DVD Audio. DVD-A may not be compatible with early generation DVD players. DVD Audio and SACD is not compatible with early generation DVD players. Some mid generation player... 
Vandersteen 2ci used. Good speaker/bargain?
Very good speaker/ better bargain. I am not familiar with your NAD integrated. Please keep in mind that the Vandersteens drop to 4 Ohms and really benefit from bi-wiring. While the Vandersteens are rather forgiving of electronics make sure your am... 
Okay, the gloves are off. Let the fur fly
Touche' Zaikesman. 
Pioneer Elite DV-47A
Tube pre-amp with SS Classe Amp
The Sonic Frontiers products due to the fact that they are DC coupled, low output impedence (for a tube product) and fully balanced are excellent companions to many solid state amplifiers sharing these design parameters (w/ corresponding low input... 
Nothing new under the sun?
Improved digital formats, digital upsampling, digital crossovers, digital amplifiers, digital room correction, digital equalization,digital broadcasts, digital recording and digital connections are all new ( in the big scope of things) and excitin... 
Audiogon Ethics
Perhaps we can all protect ourselves by posting serial numbers on all items listed for sale or auction? This would also monitor items that have mysteriously disappeared. In those cases where someone has had an item refurbished by the factory or ot... 
Bi-amp cable question
You might want to look at Sonic Frontiers products. 
***Aerial 10Ts - What's your opinion?***
An excellent choice for a music/home theatre system. They have very good dynamics and bass. Qualties that many outstanding music only loudspeakers can sucessfully sacrifice. I have only heard them with top of the line Pass amplification (outstandi... 
Help! Forte, Linn, Magnepan. NOT RIGHT?
I don't have any advice, but if you do decide to sell the amps let me know. 
Whats a good tube preamp?
Sonic Frontiers Line 3 at the high end Audible Illusions as a bargain option. 
speaker specs & room matching
Thanks again Carl. Sorry it took me so long to respond. An excellent idea and one I had not previously considered. 
speaker specs & room matching
Thanks you Carl_eber for your prompt reply. Can you be more specific. I believe we can smooth out much of the bass irregularities with room treatment, but it is more difficult to remove overloaded bass. We all want as much deep clean bass as possi...