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hum from nearby high-tension wires?
If you can do it, I'd suggest moving. If the overhead power line are affecting your system, imagine what they're doing to your body.All of the information your body passes, is passed electrically. Strong electrical signals interfere with the trans... 
compressing music files
Maybe we could start another cataGORY for people who want LOW-fi. When you start with MP3 which is really poor quality, why would you want more of it? I'm not sure why some people get into this?!? 
Sony scd xa777es vs scd777es
Unless the signal is balanced throughout, it is not balanced when it comes to the XLR's. There is more to 'balanced' than simply slapping a pair of XLR plugs into a CDP. 
confusion about the aragon 28k pre amp
The Aragon does not have tone controls. Most pre-amps will not have them. Many audiophools believe that they degrade the signal, since every connection is a loss of signal.I have never had a pre-amp with tone controls. The last thing I owned with ... 
Is live reproduction the goal of audio?
There are a lot of different type of sledge hammers and in my little town there are three companies who can provide dumpsters for bose speakers. Are there any sledge hammers that are better than the others, or is it all height and weight dependant... 
Anyone plan on driving from east coast to midwest?
That's not a sequel, I have gas. 
Stereophile Issue Vol. XIII no. 2 - copy required
I should have one if not two copies of this issue. Let me check when I get home. Are you looking for a copy you can keep? 
The "A" List
How about the Dead Kennedy's? Purely an American Phenomenon! 
What song best sums up the previous year?
Satch, sorry to hear about your experience! I wish there were something I could do to help. Is there anything that we/I can do? 
Aurios under JC1 monoblock's?
Anyone know/heard anything about the ZYX Bloom
where does the Bloom fit in the ZYX line? 
Is live reproduction the goal of audio?
This has been discussed/argued so many times and there is no resolution. Perception is not reality, and reality cannot be subjective. People too often confuse opinion for fact. Just because 20 people in a room describe an event differently does no... 
Anyone plan on driving from east coast to midwest?
I wonder if I could make a living safely transporting equipment for Audiogon buyers? Hmmmmm. 
What song best sums up the previous year?
"All this contains much that is obviously true, and much that is relevant; unfortunately, what is obviously true is not relevant, and what is relevant is not obviously true." 
Burning CD question
Okay, I lied! I was looking at the wrong box of CDs. The ones I have been using are Philips CD-R. Please can you find it in your heart to forgive me.Does that make any difference?