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The "A" List
Not not minimize the significance of a human life, but in the scope of things how important are any of these people? I would be sad to see any of them die, but the front page is a big deal, although as bad as the media are at covering the news, an... 
Which DACs do SACD decoding?
Unless you have an SACD player to decode the info on the disc, the dac will do nothing for you.Dr R. C. Brockhaus 
Burning CD question
The burned discs are playing on my fifteen year old Nackamichi, but have a problem with skipping when I play them in the car. I amusing the Windows program to do the burning.The discs skip occasionally with the Nackamichi but generally in the oute... 
What song best sums up the previous year?
Churchill used that line when he was running as a conservative/tory for the house of Lords, after having previously run as a liberal. 
Teachers say to sing from your diaphram, I think Wilson Pickett started in his feet and worked it up all the way through his soul! 
Anyone know/heard anything about the ZYX Bloom
E-mail or call Mehran. 
What song best sums up the previous year?
How about a variation of the Elton John song "Someone save my life tonight." Please save my life.Well here we are 40 years to the day since John F Kennedy spoke the famous words "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for yo... 
Which of your component purchases was "magical"?
Krellcoda how much did you pay for her, and what are her specs? 
the right speakers
What size room will they be in, and what are your musical preferences? There is not enough information given for you to get back anything other than someone suggesting their favorite speaker, which will be useless to you! 
Interesting discovery
Green copper takes A LONG time to develop, the first sign is white powder, then the copper turns brown, then, years later it turns green if it's exposed to enough moisture. 
The Most Beautiful Song of The RnR era?
Resands - Wow you deserve a commendation. That was amazing. Bouree isn't a song, but the rest of your list looks amazing. Can you burn a copy of those for me? : ) 
Interesting discovery
Yes, the powder is oxidation, and is not something you want to happen. It will degrade the cables ability to transfer a signal. It might be a good idea to have the cables reterminated with something that will fit your speakers.Oscar Wilde also mad... 
Pass X250 verses X250.5
I'm curious to hear your thought once the new units arrives.The .5 amps harken back to the Aleph series which uses minimal, or single gain stages, similar to SET amps, but with the solid state circuits. I have heard the .5 series, but it was a whi... 
Noob question - Stereophile "Class" rating
On a scale of 1-10 both C5150 and Paris Hilton weigh the same as a duck - burn them!Stereophile serves up opinions. Some of them have more merit than Audiogoners, some do not. At least when Stereophile offers an opinion it is based on time spent w... 
Is SACD dead?
Yeah, just like vinyl and redbook!