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How can I start to change the system?
I agree with everyone except me, follow their advice! 
Out of curiosity, where does everyone live?
the map link is http://www.frappr.com 
Itching for an SACD player
joshk, contact Richard Kern at http://www.audiomod.com but I'm pretty sure he offers all the Sony repairs along with mods. 
cable upgrades , real or rip off
There is never going to be consensus in regard to this. Everyone is going to have different experiences. Some homes (for whatever reason) benefit from better power cords, or even powerblock, regenerators, and the like. I saw a review here of a Pur... 
New high-end Sony SACD player
The good thing about it being Japan only is that the power should be compatable with US, now if you can only get your hands on one. I'd like to hear about it too. 
Rhea Noise
Marakanetz the point I wanted to make is that the Rhea is a VERY GOOD phono stage, the problem with it, is that compared to the very best, it is a LITTLE noisy. Most of what the Rhea does, it does very well. The issue of the noise was what prevent... 
What Irish music will you be playing on St Pat's?
I've got "Down the Road" on right now! What makes the Irish heart beat? 
Rhea Noise
Swapping tubes can be helpful, but the Rhea is noisy compared to the best phono stages available. It is a very good phono stage, but I don't think you will eliminate that problem.Sometimes you have to take a little bad, along with a lot of good. T... 
How much does it cost?
Everything built has to cover the cost of R&D, and all the other costs of doing business. If a company that builds in the US and employees our freinds and neighbors doesn't offer insurance, benefits, and paid vacations we will have a bad opini... 
Unusually good power cord for the money?
There are many cords that will make a big improvement over ANY stock cord. One of the better places to start are the Chris VenHaus designs. I have a few of them around still, but mostly on the computer and stuff like that. Stock powercords are not... 
Analog Productions
Go to http://www.acousticsounds.com There will probably be 20 of these by the time this gets posted, but there were none when I wrote it. 
Audio Debt?
I only pay cash for hobbies - except when they have a motor attached. 
$6000 used:Revel Ultima Studio?
I heard the Studios a while ago, and they made me sit down and listen rather than just acknowledging that they were on. The sounded much better than I expected them to especially with the electronics being used.Listen, if you can, but the price is... 
Out of curiosity, where does everyone live?
wwwrecords, you must really be looking forward to breeding! 
Out of curiosity, where does everyone live?
Nacogdoches, TX and Groucho Marx was right, "Nacogdoches is full of roaches."It's full time job keeping up with the zipcode changes here in the last ten years.Dr R. C. Brockhaus