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KT-88/ 90 choices to replace my new stock tubes
I had 6550s in my integrated amp when I bought it, but replaced them right away with EH KT88s. The sound was much fuller and in my opinion more enjoyable. FWIW 
Sensitivity in speakers
John I just want to point out a couple of things. Speaker sensetivity has a lot to do with how much, or little power is needed to obtain a certain spl (sound pressure level) but in my limited experience does not have much to do with a full bodied ... 
Mfr/Dealer Relationships
Edesilva manufacturers want to sell gear as bad as you want to buy it. The way a dealers treats a sales rep will not reflect how polite or impolite they are to a customer. You should contact the manufacturer and let them know your experience with ... 
Tubes On Top Without Getting Ridiculous
I hope I didn't ruin your plan! 
Opinions on Todd Rundgren fronting the New Cars?
If I were married to Paulina Porzikova(?) I would never leave home again! : ) 
Fingers Crossed That Julius Makes Me A Parlando
Wow it would be great to get your hands on the amp of your dreams under these circumstances. Good luck. 
Tubes On Top Without Getting Ridiculous
There can be problems with using different amps for the top and bottom end. Do you know the crossover point between the bass and midrange drivers? If the bass amps are driving the signal over 100Hz, the difference wil be audible. The output of the... 
Is it Audio, or is it Art?
Better quality items always come in better packaging. A Sieko Flightdeck watch is a lot better looking than a cheap casio digital. A ford Mustang comes in a much nicer package than a Festiva. Godiva ice cream comes in a better package than Blue Bu... 
TT set up question
I'm not sure when I will be able to get back to his place to listen again, but I will be listening differently when it happens. He has the zero dust stuff and a record cleaner, but that doesn't rule out the possibliity of dirty LPs.Is there a poin... 
TT set up question
At the point when it occurred I never thought to recall what was happening in the music. I don't know if the passage was loud, or otherwise.The reason the distortion stood out was because it wasn't anything we had heard on those LPs before. He did... 
What should be the terms between buyer and seller
If you use a Postal Money Order, and there is fraud involved it would get the feds into the mix, if that's any comfort. 
TT set up question
I did answer Seans question! I wasn't ignoring him becuase I did not appreciate his response. I did not think it was the issue, so I didn't respond. I had no idea people were so thin skinned. I had never heard of end of side distortion before he m... 
TT set up question
It wasn't end of the side distortion, if it were, I would have responded to the question. There was probably a couple of minutes left on each LP every time it happened. The sound was similar to an electrical discharge.Doug, sorry for being too stu... 
The best bookshelfs
Ridge Street Audio speakersHarmonic Technology CaravellesTalon Falcon 
Blues recommendations anyone?
I would suggest looking for some original Fleetwood Mac back when it was Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac. There have been some good anthologies coming out lately. Some of Peter Greens solo stuff is good too.