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THE LATEST---Gold plated fuses?
Eldartford, It seems like the issue with the fuse, and the importance of it, is where it is located in the signal path. At that point a tiny change will be magnified to a huge issue by the time it reaches the speaker cable. 
TT set up question
I haven't had a table for a while, but how do I know if his antiskating is set right? Which way should the arm deflect when it's raised from the LP? 
And now for something completely different....
humor section...
AudiogoN does not usually allow people to post humor, even when it is audio related. See Nrchy's post about how his humorous audio related threads have been rejected. It's pretty sad, just like that joke : ) 
does Queen have better sound quality CD?
I saw acoustic sounds has a new A Night at the Opera on vinyl, has anyone heard that? 
does Queen have better sound quality CD?
Fatparrot is right about the DCC vs. MFSL. The MFSL is not an upgrade from other redbook releases.Is the crown jewels reissue still available? 
Anybody tried 20th Anniversary Purist cables?
Purist uses silver for most of their better cables, and some are a silver gold alagam. Purist are one of the best made cables I have ever seen. I have tried DIY cables and have been unimpressed. Mapleleafs3 is well aware of this information, yet h... 
THE LATEST---Gold plated fuses?
Sean is it your supposition then, that some of the new high dollar fuses sound better because the contact points have been slightly cleaned by installing a new fuse? 
American Idol, the fems
I was really surprised by the talent of some of the girls. Some of them I wanted to be good, but they really didn't cut it.I'm not a typical viewer of television, or reality TV shows, BUT some of these people are worthy of the air time. 
custom made dustcover for Nottingham Spacedeck
I'm sure the previous posters are correct, but plex is not at all difficult to machine with simple woodworking tools. If you don't want to tackle the job, I bet there are several companies in your city/town that can and will do it for you. 
THE LATEST---Gold plated fuses?
greeni - that would be great. 
THE LATEST---Gold plated fuses?
What can you tell us about the Power Matrix fuses? Where did you find them? Does anyone else make an audio grade breaker box? $4000 is a lot of money, can it be done more econmicially? 
THE LATEST---Gold plated fuses?
Where can a person get their hands on one of those things? 
THE LATEST---Gold plated fuses?
Has anyone tried their breaker boxes? I saw something about them on the net yesterday. I'm curious, but based on the cost of a 20a fuse, I don't know if I can even afford to look. 
Is Lisa Marie Presley a singer?
I'd go hunting with Cheney before I'd ride in a car with Kennedy.