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A rather funny survey from a research company ....
That was fun! I think I might spin a couple of heads with my answers. 
what amp will mate well with my gear?
Chadnliz, I hope you will give the system a little privacy while the mating is going on, wink, wink, nod, nod. 
The choice of wall receptacles
I have a few (4) P S Audio outlets, and I think they are easily worth the $200 cost, but if I had it to do again, I would get Porter Ports based on what so many of his satisfied customers have said. I'm not sure I got anything more with the PS Aud... 
The choice of wall receptacles
Mapleleafs3 NO ONE said anything about $200 outlets. The gentleman was referring to buying a number of outlets the total of which is about $200! 
Looking for a song
Wow, thanks. That's a fun song, but not worth $160 to me, but for under $10, that's do-able. I'm not real up on computer stuff and didn't think to check Amazon, you know, being over 40 and all. 
Katie Melua, has anyone else bought her new LP?
I was looking for it for a while, but when I couldn't find it I had to "Call Off the Search." 
Are we all destined to be "womenless" audiophiles?
pretty much everything the men post on this site scares most women away, and then they wonder why there aren't many women.There are a number of ladies who post here, but they don't want to be known as women, they want to fit in as audiophiles, at ... 
what amp will mate well with my gear?
Have you considered using an Aragon 8008st or 8008bb? They are a more refined version of the 4004, and they don't cost big money. I had one about five years ago, and was happy with it. 
Are Merlins too much?
I don't remember what model the Canton's are but they're tiny. They aren't even one foot tall, and the model is a 10 something. The floor standing Merlins would be a huge step up, not that the Canton's aren't good in the right application. 
Is my setup mid-fi or hi-fi?
Veroman, I got 7.6375, did you forget to carry something? Or maybe you equation is incorrect. 
Are Merlins too much?
No David I am talking about the full sized floor standing model. 
Itching for an SACD player
I know two people who have modded Sony SACD players. One was the SCD 777es and the other was XA 777es. The SCD was better to start and even though the guy with the XA had more done, I still think the SCD 777es sounds better.You can buy a used SCD ... 
What's your favorite lyric from a song?
IT'S IN THE BOOK(Johnny Standley / Art Thorsen)Johnny Standley with Horace Heidt & His Musical Knights - 1952I have a message for you, a very sad message! My subject for thisevening will be Little Bo Peep.It says here, "Little Bo Peep", who wa... 
Stupid Question-What's the best way to choose?
I'm not sure what you're getting at, since you own AudioQuest Diamond (which as I recall was about $1000/m), and you've spent good money on the speaker cable too.Whenever i read the threads where someone is asking for recommendations it only turns... 
Cartridge Break-In
I know four or five people who have used the Cardas burn-in disc (LP) and have been very happy with the results. I haven't seen any of them post yet, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.I don't have a table but I'd use it if I ever bought another ...