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What is the best tube integrated amp?
Jadis DA60 with a pair of Sonus Cremona Auditors comes to mind when I think of an office system where budget isnt an issue. 
Unintended lyrics
Elton John, Crocodile rock and bunch of other 70's tunes while he was loaded. 
Jadis DA60
Thanks everyone for responding, Pierre Gabriel send me a private email confirming the DA 60 is auto bias. 
Jadis DA60
Ive call PG and left a message with his sec but I think this whole NA distribution thing has him a little busy, Mechan...its open season should one pop up! Thanks guys, anyone know for a certainty about the biasing? 
speaker with high WAF
Sonus Faber Hands down IMO here. Cremona or Amatis, slap a little mirror and your set. 
McIntosh 501 or 602 for Magnepan 20.1
MC2102 on a 20.1? I dont think that would be a good idea, my 3.6's clipped my 1201's! As for the 2275 I dont think it could properly drive a 1.6 or higher...maybe the MMG or 12's. 
2004 Olympics: Any Experts on Greek Music?
Remos'1998 recording titled Na Pame Parakato is my favorite, every track is good. 
Overseas Shipping Of Amplifier; Anything Special?
Ive shipped to Italy many times. For anything over 44 pounds Bax is the way to go. You will need to create an invoice for customs, and fill out their overseas shipping form. They will basically walk it thru customs and deliver the package to their... 
Tube Pre suggestions for Mac Amp
Im using a Cary SLP90 with great results on a MC402...tried going direct once with my MCD7007 into a MC7300 with very poor results. Go for the pre, agree with Aball on lack of just sounded too flat with no air or presence to the sound... 
SACD's to stay away from
Natalie Cole, Super stinker! 
McIntosh MC275 as Monoblocks - A Good Idea?
Nope, I would go for the solid state MC402. Better dynamics, lots of slam for heavy metal and a huge asthetic improvement with your MHT100. Sell your 275 and add the $$ you would be spending for a 2nd and buy the MC402. With the money saved I bet ... 
6550 Tung Sol
Thanks for your input, at 200 a quad they might be worth a try...Regards, John 
Got money in the bank. Please help
MMG's would work great in your 10 x 12 room, you will even have some $$$ left over for a decent sub and still fit your budget. Had them in my bedroom and they were fantastic. Go for the after market stands and raise them another 6 inches, will be ... 
Help me pick out amp & preamp for Tannoy D700's
Ive heard all the models you have mentioned, from your list the MC352 and toss up between C2200 and C100...tone controls and tubes for the C2200, versus SS and a better phono section in the C100. 
What speaker is best for Mcintosh 6900?
B&W 803N is a good match, might cost a little over 3 k though and will have to be used.