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Wood blocks underneath components?? snake oil?
No snake oil at all, great for resonance control and added dampening. Very inexpensive DIY techniques, I would even go 1 step further and try Frank Tchang's feet, beautifully designed stacked and insulated wood feet with holes drilled throught the... 
B&W Nautilus 800 vs 802D
I have not heard the 802d but I cannot understand where all these glowing reviews are coming from for the 800N. They honk and bark like a wounded goose and have acheived better bass from monitors. Check other threads on the 800's, its always about... 
JM Lab Alto comments please
I owned them for 5 months and was very disapointed with the bass. Found them very lean and sterile, sounded like a Sophia minus the bass. 
The Perfect Songwriter For Idol Theme Show?
Bernie Taupin 
Queen on American Idol
Good show, Paris and Katherine kicked ass. Taylor had a strong finish and Chris did a decent job. Good vocal by Elliot but a crappy jacket, and Ace will squeek by another week. Kelly started great but her chances are better at being the next Mrs. ... 
Tweeters, Scanspeak or Seas
I wouldnt call the Seas dark, what I enjoyed most about this tweeter was that at higher volumes when I wanted some slam I found a more tolerable balance between treble and bass. My most memorable and enjoyable track was listening to the tapping of... 
Your favorite song from a RECENT cd release?
Hi Narrod, I enjoy Mercy Now too but it takes 4 hours to get that song out of my head after I hear it. 
Tweeters, Scanspeak or Seas
Ive owned the Millenium on my Audes Orpheus and found them to be an absolute pleasure to listen to Boa, and yes I do enjoy the Esotar tweeter but I am starting to develop OFH, ( old fart hearing ) and find myself missing the smooth extension and d... 
Queen on American Idol
Oh Mama Mia , as Freddie would say...Fun watching this car wreck. Paris, Elliot and Katherine a tie for effort. Kelly for a set of balls, then Bucky for being Bucky. Chris was off at a Pearl Jam concert, and Taylor was a poor grey haired drunken E... 
i want a dull, caramel colored cd player any ideas
Maybe a preamp with tone controls make you happier? 
Queen on American Idol
Yea right, she is 14 yrs younger than me and quite a looker. Afraid she holds the remote in that deal too. 
Queen on American Idol
You forgot D ) Frank, a wife clutching the remote with 2 hands saying deal, or no deal! 
Tube pre- or amp: does it matter?
The Arc LS25 was a great match with my MC300, great tight bass and better extension on the highs than using a Mac solid state preamp. The Arc wasnt too tubey, had AU24's all around and was quite happy. 
Anyone have experience with Mac MCD 751/MDA 700
Excellent set for 2500 used, will match well with Mac integrateds like 6500 6900 2275 and the new 6300. Data ports will operate on/off switching and all functions from 1 remote. 
Which is best American Amp in $1500-2000 range?
In your price range I would look at the Mcintosh MA6500, Krell 400xi for solid state amd ,maybe the Cary sli80 for tubes.