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Digital media server/players for a Skeptic?
Check out Bluesound, , Sony & Marantz for easy to use media players 
Streaming music without a Laptop (or tablet, smartphone etc)
Auralic or arender?
Why should i be a fan of Revel speakers?
Listen. Revela speakers sound good 
Recommendation for a 12 year old
Rega 1 with cart 
Advice for streaming setup only
why not just purchase a dedicated STREAMER?MARANTZCAMBRIDGENADOLIVE 
Nakamichi 505 or the Dragon ?
Cassette BahahahahahahaDragon dude 
Power Wedge 1 vs Furman Elite 15 PF
The Power Wedge is crapola. The Furman is SOTA 
where to go from a hp mini 210 netbook
J River 
How good are recievers these days?
all receivers are poor valuesgo the separated route 
Help me improve Rega P2
Look for a used BSR turntable. The model does not matter, then update the cartridge from any model made by Radio Shack. I guarantee the sound will be remembered. This will set you back about $50 total 
How do you roll? First LP on a new TT.
Emotiva XMC-1 owners....
Scvan recommending from Pioneer or Onkyo shows me where you are at audio wise and you therefore loose any credibility 
Why is J River better than iTunes on PC?
J River Rules. I Tunes is low endDo I have to explain it to you Sally 
What is the best USED Speaker Under $10,000
B&W 802Ds