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Diana Krall Survey
As an amateur jazz musician I think people should just give a more considered view on professional musicians. Everyone is entitled to their opinion as to what they like and do not like but to simply trash a professional musician with no basis and ... 
How much does your system retail for?
$190,000 and counting. 
Diana Krall Survey
There must be some accomplished jazz musicians on this forum to be able to trash a musician at the level of Diana Krall. She might not be to everyone's taste but trashing her is pathetic - I would like to see any of you try to play a piano anywher... 
5AR4/GZ34 Rectifier Tubes
You should try a GE 5AR4 - I used one in a Melody SHW 1688II preamp - best rectifier tube I have ever heard. Still in my tube stock. 
Review: Evolution Acoustics MM2 Speaker
I have had the MMTwos for about 6 months and am delighted with them - no thoughts of changing these. As Hifinut mentions, you can listen to them for hours as not fatiguing. 
Thoughts on the First Watt SIT Amps
Brawny,Just off topic but I read your comments on Audiopax. I agree that there was a period when Audiopax may have lost their way - I believe in part due to the fact that Eduardo is best placed to be allowed to design and create and to leave custo... 
CD upgrade.
Chayro,A bit harsh no? If a thread is, for you, tiresome, just don't bother reading or commenting on it. 
Best Arm for Raven One?
Raven 10.5 
CD upgrade.
James,At 3,000 pounds, there is a huge choice available and I would not limit yourself to the recommendations in this thread, including any Linn player or DAC.Just take a look on Audiogon from time to time to see some of the great players you can ... 
Equipment that has made you 'stop' looking?
Audiopax Amplifiers. Whilst I will always consider upgrades to other gear, I doubt my amplifiers will ever change and I am not actively looking for a replacement. 
CD upgrade.
Audiofreak32 - are you on a sales commission from LINN? 
Worlds best DAC
Has anyone auditioned the TotalDac and if so is it considered among one of the best? 
APL NWO Owners
Thanks Perrew. Are APL cables now available? 
Guitar Solos
Many of the tracks on Joe Pass - Virtuoso. 
CD player to compete with my vinyl rig?
I dont think a US$1,000 cd player can compete with a similarly priced decent vinyl set up unfortunately.