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DAC for $1800 or less?
There is an Audio Research DAC-1 listed here for $495, a 20 bit. I have one and like it alot, but haven't heard others in my system except for a Meridian 566 which was first rate too. The ARC is Stereohile A rated and listed for $3500. It accepts ... 
What's your favorite lyric from a song?
"hard words fly like punches in a barroom brawl"Robert Earl Keen 
Harry Shearer's 'Le Show' on NPR...
I've listened and find him witless. The music is good,but really, one Jon Stewart bit is worth Harry's whole show. 
Who is your overall favorite guitarist?
One of the most right on the night I heard him was Gurf Morlix when he accompanied Lucinda Williams on tour about 8 years ago. His support of her phrasing was sublime, just impeccable taste that first and foremost always served the song. Never a w... 
Best method and software to convert vinyl to cd
My interest in this same subject led me to consider a stand alone recorder, one not PC based. In addition to far superior (I've read) audio I'd have the advantage of keeping equipment together. The http://www.hhb.co.uk/hhb/usa/hhbproducts/cdr830/i... 
What do you listen to when no one else can hear it
I find I often reach for my one Shakti LP. http://www.remembershakti.com/index.html - what happened since that LP 
What's your latest "Discovery"
Although Andrrew Hill has had great critical acclaim, his "Dusk" is a new and wonderful find for me. 
SOTA table owners- getting upgraded
Where to see SOTA At http://www.sotaturntables.com/ you can see all the current models. 
Anybody into Ben Harper?
Ben Harper makes a great contribution to the wonderful movie "Standing in the Shadows." Worth a look. He gets the Marvin Gaye songs. 
Phono stage upgrade
I can offer you a Threshold SL-10 which has an excellent phono stage, $500. If you go the route of a preamp upgrade that includes an excellent phono stage you gain the addition of an overall sonic upgrade plus cable savings. 
I am confused about 15A and 20A current.
Enough has been written about the reasons why one should not change a 15 amp breaker to a 20 amp so I'll just add my 2 cents about a comment on 12-3 for the 20 amp circut. 12-2 is all that's needed. 12-2 has a black and white conductors plus a bar... 
Suggestions for a'vintage' amplifier
I use a Threshold SL-10 preamp with the Mitsubishi, very nice. Both are the same vintage.