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Which pair of speakers changed your Hifi life?
A pair of Fisher 101 bookshelf speakers I bought in 1972. Combined with a Fisher 222 Studio Standard receiver and  Dual 1225 turntable. As I recall, the local dealer had a special where you bought one speaker for $99 and the other was a penny. Thi... 
Best Sound Track Ever Vote for One
Easy Rider. Extended version. You can tell my age.  
What song have you played the most?
+1 for Boz Scaggs “Loan Me a Dime” with Duane Allman on guitar. 
Sugden/Allnic or Luxman L-509X?
Traded my Luxman 590axii for a Sugden Masterclass IA4 about a year ago. VERY pleased with it. Mostly stream with Bel Canto DAC and Streamer. Harbeth C7s. Mid range for sure but I love it. Just added a REL sub for a little more oomph....not sure ab... 
Luxman 590axii ventilation
I had the exact same issue with my 590axii. Tried several different “in cabinet” configurations but could never get it right and the unit kept overheating and shutting down. Didn’t want to mess with fans so just moved it to the counter top. Worked... 
question for Luxman L-590AX owners
Yes, I’ve got the integrated and, yes, I’ve got the low hum. Not really that noticeable. I wondered if it was a characteristic of a Class A amp since I’ve never had one before. It runs very hot.  
Who's using Harbeth with tubes, what speaker model and how many watts per channel?
Harbeth SHL5+ with Mc275 tube amp and Mc c2500 tube preamp here. I’m  a lightweight in the audio world but have played around some and this is a great combination. Also have Harbeth Compact 7’s driven with a Luxman Class A 590ax and that’s a great... 
Need Help! My Class A Amp Is Running Very Hot
I replaced my Mc integrated with a Lux 590AX about a year ago. Wanted to try Class A. My equipment had always been in cabinets. That did not work with the Luxman. Even though the cabinets were pretty well ventilated the Luxman ran so hot that it w... 
Speaker recommendations for MC275
Probably not an upgrade but I run Harbeth SHL5+’s with my 275 VI and c2500.