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Apple TV without TV
Thanks again for the replies. I like that the ATV has a built-in HD, no streaming required. But would like to avoid going further into the Mac ecosystem. Sadly, no Android app I can find will control it. 
Apple TV without TV
Exactly my reasons for liking the ATV. The android app for ATV 2 clams it will stream to it. I've posted on their forum to see about whether it will also run ATV. No reply. 
pure ipod dock
Disappointed Pure supports the Classic, but not my Gen 5 Ipod. Sniff sniff. 
Apple TV without TV
Thanks for the replies. Macdadtexas: I wanted to avoid using the Apple ecosystem other than ATV if possible. Kbarkamian: Hoped a Harmony with display would give the visual needed. Might consider a marked down touch... The analog out is short term,... 
pure ipod dock
I stand corrected. It's $100. No brainer. 
pure ipod dock
This looks like the real deal. Digital out, a built in DAC that punishes the sound of a typical docked Ipod, looks cool and costs about a third of the new Wadia. I want one! 
Klipsch Heritage Series
Klipsch has been around since the 1940's and specializes in making horn driven speakers that are highly efficient - can get very loud with very little power. I've been through a number of designs over the years, from LS35a's to Theil, Magnepan, To... 
What has been your most satisfying component?
It has to be my Sunfire True subwoofer. I bought it for HT 10 years ago and everything else has changed at least once or twice but I've never considered swapping it out. Does its job perfectly and is visually unobtrusive. 
CD Dead??
Not dead but the glory days are gone. Downloads are the future. Apple sells 250k Ipods a day. I wonder if that many CD players are sold in a month. 
Is iPod Digital Output Possible?
Apparently $250, available March or early spring. 
Hard Drive/Computer Audio at the SHOW and CES
Hack: You are evidently among the few that can hear a difference between lossless files and WAV files. My aging ears and apparently those of many many others here are not nearly as acute as yours. I stand humbled in your presence. :)As for vinyl, ... 
Hard Drive/Computer Audio at the SHOW and CES
Hack: That's reassuring. We definitely need more turntables out there. With 125MM copies of iTunes in use vinyl needs a chance to catch up ;-)I've said it before: the industry is lame. 
Apple Lossless Encoder - Audiophile Quality?
Rdc2000: Please, if you haven't already make sure you back it all up. I learned the hard way after burning 450 CD's. 
Ipod and quality sound
The new DAC's are made by Cirrus. This link has lots of graphs and discusses the sound differences, and includes several links to the topic at the bottom:http://homepage.mac.com/marc.heijligers/audio/ipod/comparison/measurements/measurements.htmlS... 
I think this thing is great. Can't wait to get one although I don't relish having to buy another new Ipod to take advantage of it.