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Is it me? Will I ever be satisfied?
@willgolf , I agree 100%. No matter what you have, you'll always want to try or think there is something better. Your equipment is fine, and I do agree with @russ69 , Mac and B&W dont have good synergy. Many here have 2 or systems to listen to... 
Lii Audio S-10 Users
@trentmemphis , I don't think many people own them. At 47"x24"×20" /120lbs those are some heavy speakers. I would like to get them and try it, better think into consideration if they are not for me to take a 70% lost and to break my back loading t... 
Decware integrated
@ghasley , supply chain delays with Chinese parts or some Chinese parts needed. And then also productivity.  Might be a 2 man band producing the equipment which will make it special.  Place it now for 2024 delivery!  
Decware integrated
@gochurchgo , dang 30 months.  you pretty much will forget you even ordered. I guess to some the wait is worth it.  good luck to all waiting.  
Need help to select a speaker
I’m enjoying the ELAC VELA 403 right now. At $5K if you can spare 2K more, maybe the Wharfedale Elysian 2. Thye look stunning.  
Inexpensive speaker cables: any experience?
They might not look like the $2,000 cables. But I think DIY should makes you feel good that accomplish something. Took me 2hrs and kids were watching me make them. Hardest part was tubing them.  
Inexpensive speaker cables: any experience?
You can buy expensive cables, or make them. Sonically, the expensive might sound 1-2% better. You are really paying for the build and quality of the wire. I just make my own buying OFC wires and stringing them through a pvc tube. They sound great ... 
Mark Levinson No. 27 Amplifier, buy or not?
Its amp that I would keep for life, I thought there were more ML lovers out there in this forum who knows more about it.  Spending 2k is one thing for the amp, finding parts like others have stated is probably near impossible.   
Sound System on $10K Budget
@ozzy62 , you're 100% right 600 buck system is non comparison to a 10k system. It will be nught and day.  Sound is a matter of taste, when we get to expensive equipment it becomes what we like.  I hv budget stuff and I would think high quality stu... 
Elac Vela FS 409's
@krelldog , matter of taste. I have the 403 and they very good for such a small speaker.  I would probably choose the Elysian 2.  It just stinks there is audition site to review the speaker.  I use youtube alot on judging its quiality too.  
Upgrade B&W 805D2 to 802D2 or 802D3?
Bookshelf speaker vs. Floorstansing is non comparison. 802 have more full detail and range over its smaller counterpart.  I have vintage 805s and 803s,   
Affordable vs. ultra expensive speakers - what's the difference?
Will it sound $48,000 better?  No Will it sound better than a $2,000 speaker? Yes For the wealthy people, $50k means nothing. For the average joe, there are many other ways to spend that money for good usage.  Sound systems need to have synergy... 
What items do you rarely ever see offered for sale
The Batmobile  
Do hi-end DACs offer true value or diminishing return...
@mahgister , amen.  
Do hi-end DACs offer true value or diminishing return...
Someone said a $17K. Man oh man oh man.  I have a Schiit Modi 3 and Gustard x26 pro. The differences are there, but not as noticeable as one would think.