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Do hi-end DACs offer true value or diminishing return...
@mahgister , amen.  
Do hi-end DACs offer true value or diminishing return...
Someone said a $17K. Man oh man oh man.  I have a Schiit Modi 3 and Gustard x26 pro. The differences are there, but not as noticeable as one would think.  
Please recommend speakers
@carlsbad , figure to use Japanese midfi as people say in the forum. Wanted to jam my bookshelf speakers for the weekend.    
Please recommend speakers
@carlsbad , even if on stands.  Bookshelve speakers do sound good, but towers sound better.  I driven many bookshelves beyond the new models with my ML 27, Yamaha MX-1000 or MX-1, as the volume gets higher those speakers are hitting their limits. ... 
What do $2500 speaker cables sound like?
No difference in $100 DIY cable. Its the hype and belief.  
Please recommend speakers
Like @carlsbad said, all bookshelf have their limitations. Once you hear floorstanding, its non comparable.  I say for $800 price range, KEF LS50 is a good value on the used market   I've owned LS50, B&W 805, Klipsch RP600, Elac Unifi UB5, Em... 
How do you get Happy as an Audiophile?
"You're chasing the perfect sound that does not exist" Henry H.  
Sound System on $10K Budget
Good size room. Bookshelfs will work not just floor stand speakers.  Stay with my rule: 40% = speakers 30% = amp 20% = source 10% = preamp Cables mean nothing.  Those people paying 1k on wires and stuff is silly. My favorite system is the NA... 
How important is the pre-amp?
Preamp is like Salt & Pepper added to food. My theory has always been:40% Speakers30% Amp20% Source10% PreampNot all preamps work the same for all amplifiers. I have NAD1155, Emotiva PT-100, Schiit Freya + 
Still happily using vintage gear?
Yamaha MX1, MX-1000, NAD2200 sound as good as any equipment built today with Nautilus 803 made in the 90s.  And did I say MX-1000 still looks so sexy at 240wpc, 2ohm stable. :) 
Thank you Covid19 for getting me back into this expensive hobby!
@ douglas_schroeder3, not the same.  one can only know through experience.  seeking better on expensive stuff doesn't mean its better.  people buying 3k speaker wires or 5k transport are in their own league.  I heard system that cost over 30k, an... 
Thank you Covid19 for getting me back into this expensive hobby!
@doyle3433 glad I'm not the only one, now I want a new amp.  Rotel RB1582mkii or 1590, or the Yamaha AS3200.  At least when I look back during this crazy time... I'll call in the pandemic craziness.  LOL 
Looking for a New Amp to Try, Integrated? Power?
Nautilus 803 are easy to drive speakers at 90db.  Wont take much to move them.  Elacs and KEF need power. as they are in the 85db specs.Room size: 20x25I have a KEF LS50, ELAC Unifi UB5, B&W Nautilus 803s  
Kef LS50
Great little speaker, good dynamics.  I like the ELAC Unifi UB5 more.Can we say they look good too: get a color thats nots gold and black.  I got the white with blue drivers.I push them with the following gears to test:Preamp: Schiit Freya+, NAD 1... 
Has anybody bought or heard a Chinese knock off amplifier?
I got one clone like the Acuphase A60 and it will blow your mind away once you listen to it (4 massive caps, 2 large toridial transformer).  Remember many high end amps, turntables, and speakers are made in China.  Brands like Emotiva, Schiit, Out...