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Heard the Margo Timmons solo release?
Thanks, great album  
Aurender N20
If you are going to be using SPDIF or AES output I would get the N20. I am not impressed with the SPIDF output on my N200.  
Aurender N20
Trying both units and choosing the  best based upon performance is the best course of action. However if that is not possible looking at the device specifications may offer some insight. N20 relevant features: linear power supply ; Double Isolat... 
Aurender N20
I also faced the same question. My DAC requires XLR or BNC cables. So I ended up with the N200 and a Berkeley USB, plus USB cable for 8,220 instead of the N20 for 12,000. Very happy with the result.  
Kelsea Ballerini
Yes I fine the album to be very enjoyable. Also check out Morgan Wallen: The Double Album; Brandi Carlile: In These Silent Days; Chris Stapleton: Starting Over and Traveller  
Wilson Watt Puppy 7…Would it work for me?
The diffraction pads on Wilson's deteriorate over time. You should plan on replacing them. There is a video on how to do it and a new thread about replacing the pads.   
MSB DAC's Popularity
I auditioned a MSB Premier and Berkeley Reference 3 in a dealers show room. Unfortunately I was not able to complete the audition due to dealer technical difficulties. During the demo it was apparent that both are comparable high quality DACs. The... 
750$ Intel NUC vs $6000 Aurender N200: I don't hear the difference
I own the Aurender n200 and in my testing I found there is definite difference in sound quality between the usb and coax output. IMHO the usb output is all around better than the coax ouput. A fairer test would be comparing the nuc and aurender us... 
ProAc Response 2: CJ CAV45, Cary SEI 300B, or Cary Rocket 88?
I once owned Cary 300b signature mono block amps and Proac 2.5 speakers. Each component is wounder full, however you need to consider If the Cary SEI 300B is powerfull enough to drive your Proac response 2's to the volume levels you enjoy.    
Berkeley Audio Design - is there a reason why these go up for sale if they are that good
I recently upgraded my digital front end and ended up purchasing the Berkeley Reference 3. My previous DAC was the Berkeley Alpha Version 1 prior to that a Mark Levinson 360S. I will offer my personal opinion and also reference comments from profe... 
DAC - DCS Bartok or the new Berkeley Alpha DAC 3
Based upon a very good deal I ended up with a Berkeley Reference 3.  
DAC - DCS Bartok or the new Berkeley Alpha DAC 3
I auditioned both the DCS and Berkeley family of DACS. Both are fine DACS. I found the DCS house sound to be very smooth. While the Berkeley house sound is leaner and more engaging. In the end I thought the DCS sounded better but I enjoyed the Ber... 
Magico A3 vs. Wilson SabrinaX
@trackmo: Command Performance in Falls Church carries Magico  
Streaming Transport without DAC- few choices
At one point in time I had a mac mini with audirvana feeding a Berkeley alpha usb which was feeding a Berkeley alpha dac. Out of boredom I purchased a Raspberry PI and installed Roppieexl to try streaming. I then compared the direct Mac connection... 
Tad me1 with 25w SET tueb amp, is it possible?
I drive wilson watt/puppy 7s with an 845 set amp and Pass XA 25. As @charles1dad said if your nominal listening volume is under 80 db you will be just fine with a high quality 845 set amp in your room.