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Blind or Just Deaf?
I am a big believer in double-blind listening tests. I have been surprised by how little differences there are when you don't know which item you are listening too. When double-blind is not an option I will down-select to two choices and then brin... 
Is there a Solid State amp that can satisfy a SET guy?
ag3__ description on the XA25 is spot on with my experiences. In my system, I use a Cary 805C (845 SET)  and XA25. I switch between the two based upon the music and my mood at the time. Generally, I prefer the Cary. 
Singular Amplification Experience; Review Now Published
The rest of us, who understand that an amp’s sound is no more harmed by placement on cinder blocks or furniture dollies versus a $10K audiophile stand, are managing quite nicely.I am saying that the hand wringing about how long to burn in an aud... 
Bass trap materials
I just started building my own acoustic panels. I ended up buying Rockwool safe n sound from the local Lowes. I was not able to find fiberglass locally and shipping costs were exorbitant. I will start assembling them next week. 
CJ Preamp Teflon Recap
HiContact Bill Thalman at www.musictechnology.com. He was a former tech at Conrad Johnson. I have used him several times in repairing tube amplification. He is knowledgable on the teflon caps and can give you an honest opinion. I have no financial... 
Aurender N10
hgeifman can you comment on the sound difference between the Bricasti M21 and M3. Thank you 
What was in your first "real" higher end audio system?
mid to late 70'syamaha a1 integrated amp, t1 tuner, technics turntable with allision 1 speakers 
Stuck at home? Make a kit!!
Building kits is fun. If I were not baby sitting my grand kids I would be building a new pair of sub woofers. 
Any difference in SQ from USB drive storage to NAS playback?
I researched this on my Mac mini and found that the file transfer speeds were significantly faster with the NAS versus the USB drive. I believe the Aurender N100 only provides USB 2.0 data ports. This provides 480 Mbit/s versus the Gigabit Etherne... 
Vinyl Users - Best/Favorite room air cleaner
In my basement i use a cheap box fan with a 3M Filtrete 2200 furnace filter duck taped to the back of the fan. The fan runs 24/7 except when listening to music. It makes a big difference.  
Do we really need anything greater than 24/96? Opinions?
A little off topic: I bought a Korg MR-2000S studio recorder to digitize my vinyl collection. I made several test recording all PCM 24 bit: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 and 192 kHz. I then compared the recordings to the original vinyl and each other.... 
It was 50 years ago today...
I was in high school at that time. After reading the initial post I listened to my original abbey road record. Its a very good record. 
Wilson Watt Puppy 7
I use Cary 805Cs with my wilson watt puppy 7s. My listening chair is 7 feet from the speakers and I listen at 70 to 80 db volumes(Rock and folk music). I have no problem with the Carys low power and the combination can also fill the house with won... 
vandersteen m5-hp crossover setting
Conrad johnson 16ls owners
An audiophile friend listening to my system did describe the 16 as having a golden color. I find the premier 16 to have a warmer fuller sound than the ET5. While the ET5 provides more detail or nuances to the music. An additional item to consider ...