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A fond farewell to The Allman Brothers Band
I too wonder why anyone would think "it's long timeto hang it up ." I saw them when Dickey was still around and the last version with Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks. The best boogie blues and jam band around, period. Far from from being over the h... 
Interesting film, "The Distortion of Sound."
I don't know. If so many artists care about sound quality and too much compression it would be nice if it showed in their own recordings. My take is recorded music seems to have lost it's value for most people. They no longer think it's something ... 
Led Zep Reissue on vinyl
If they didn't take back a defective LP, goodbye from me as a customer. 
What does "compression" like?
Simply, if you notice on different recordings, the volume knob for one recording, you barely need to turn it on and the music is very loud. Other recordings you can turn the volume knob half way before it gets loud. The one that you barely have to... 
Top 3 Most Overrated Artists contest in R&R.
07-04-14: CzariveyWildoats, I just realized recently I have bad taste!----I agree 
Top 3 Most Overrated Artists contest in R&R.
The reality is though, some people have very bad taste in music. Not me of course. 
Top 3 Most Overrated Artists contest in R&R.
So someone doesn't like the Stones and someone doesn't like the Beatles. So what? History has already judged them to be great. 
"New" Beatles Mono Catalog Release on 180gr Vinyl
Hmm, maybe I should have read the RS article 1st. if these are truly from the analog masters then this is what everyone has been waiting for, forever. 
"New" Beatles Mono Catalog Release on 180gr Vinyl
I'm not too excited as it's fake vinyl, taken from the digital masters. As R. Harley says from ABSOLUTE SOUND, "it's like trying to turn hamburger back into steak. I'm sure they sound good, but so do the mono cd's. Most vinyl coming out now is fak... 
Artists One Should Know
Richard Thompson. #19 on Rolling Stone all-time guitar players. But he is a great songwriter and singer also. Folk-Rock with, often, scorching guitar work. Mock Tudor, The Old Kit Bag, Rumor & Sigh. Newer stuff - Electric, Dream Attic, Sweet W... 
Green and Clapton
Maybe I'm wrong now, but the Splinter group album I have from quite a few years back shows me that Green can't play very well anymore. 
LZ Reissues - HD digital or LP?
I keep wondering how a recording that started as digital can ever be called analog vinyl? Robert Harley from Absolute Sound has said trying to convert digital to analog is like trying to change hamburger back into steak. 
Led Zeppelin in Hi-rez
My point was that most of today's modern rock recordings are anything but dynamic. 
Led Zeppelin in Hi-rez
Sorry. I had to laugh at your post. "...Are these versions on par with the latest recording quality? No, but we have to remember that they recorded the 3 first albums between 1968 and 1970. So these hi-rez version do not have the dynamics and tran... 
CSNY Live 1974
Just because you're older doesn't mean you automatically can't sing or play anymore. You may not look as good doing it but usually you're a much better musician and if you didn't abuse yourself totally, the voice should still work up into the 70's...