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Some irrefutable truths about rock and roll
Yeah, well tell me which current rock band or former one for that matter, that has put out rock records that compare to Beggars Banquet, Sticky Fingers, Let it Bleed, Exile on Main Street and Some Girls? 5 in a row that most rock bands would give ... 
Problem with NPR
Even though I hate the Badgers, Madison does rock. 
Some irrefutable truths about rock and roll
In their prime the Stones were the best rock n roll band ever, it's not even close. Even now they are better than most. 
Help with compression and dynamic range
But compressing is not limiting the high frequencies or the low frequencies. It is raising the volume of all frequencies of the soft passages of a song so the volume equals that of the loud passages of the song. 
Help with compression and dynamic range
Onhw61. You're right. Compression is basically making the softer parts of the song louder so that there is no longer any or little volume difference between the loud and soft passages. That's why it's called the loudness wars. It's worse when they... 
Upgrade Marantz 5004 CDP to what ?
Why not a better Marantz? I have the sa8004, around $1000 and their is a mew model around $1200. Plus, it plays sacd, has a great DAC and USB. I think it sounds great. Review in Absolute Sound. 
HDTRACKS sample rate
I'm using WMP. 
Music server for a newbie
You can skip the computer. Look at a NAD Masters series vault or something like that which stores files and you can use your Vivaldi dac to play them. No actual computer to mess with to play music. You don't have to know anything about computers o... 
New Ian Anderson
I don't think Ian has to worry about what we think. He and Tull had an exceptional music career, some great albums, some not so great. 
Fleetwood Mac
The real Fleetwood Mac is Mick Fleetwood and John McVie. They have played with a lot of people since Peter Green etc. Kind of like Lynard Skynard or even the Allman Bros, who have both had a couple/three mainstays and numerous other memebers. Obvi... 
What's In Your Tape Cassette Deck Tonight?
Cassettes had their day and the ones you made yourself were better than the pre-recorded ones. I have a friend who that's all he listens to. I gave him all of mine and he is very happy. I myself would rather burn a cd from my cd library, whatever ... 
Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks exit ABB
I wonder if Devon Allman might join the old man? The kids a hell of a guitar player. 
Help with compression and dynamic range
"Source quality is important also but tends to be less problematic overall and only matters after you get the speakers and matching amp right."---Um, source quality is the #1 issue. If the source is greatly compressed it's over. The music is not g... 
abbey road question
Not to start a fight but, It the LP comes from digital how can it really be analog? I mean isn't a recording originally put on a master TAPE then pressed to vinyl what the big deal is about vinyl? I mean I love vinyl and have many records but once... 
Record Grading...
I only buy old used records. Clean them up and don't mind a few pops and clicks. What I don't understand is buying digital recordings that have been pressed onto vinyl?