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New Mofi & Audio Fidelity CDs?
I don't think CSN music has aged particularly well. I really used to like them but they are really hippy dippy, which i guess was the point back then. 
"NEWEST'" Favorite album
EXOCET954, For Richard Thompson check out "Old Kit Bag," "Mock Tudor," "Shoot Out the Lights," plus his new release "Electric Trio." All great but not live. I don't think he has ever put out anything bad. 
Frank Zappa re-masters
FrankZappa.com has everything for sale. I haven't heard anything about sound quality. If you like Zappa you already know about the music. 
best vocal harmonies in rock
Just a reminder, when you talk about Beatles harmony, most of the time you're talking about Lennon, McCartney AND Harrison. The three together were magic. 
Is HDtracks really selling you Hi-Rez music?
The reviews I've read on hi-rez downloads and/or HDtracks specifically is each recording is hit or miss. Meaning, just like everything, some are good some aren't. It's another way to get you to buy something you already have, not saying that somet... 
win7 music player
I know I'll get whacked for saying this but WMP is really easy to use, sounds good (I ripped cd's in WAV) and that's it. I had problems with DB Poweramp in arranging the cd's, as it instead jumbled everything together. I won't argue that WMP is th... 
Ripping problem
Thanks. Since WMP sound quality sounds good to me and the program is ONE CLICK and everything is done, I think I'm going with simplisity. 
It's time for a good CD player.
I'd get a new one. The technology has advanced. A Bryston cd player would be around $2K and are very highly regarded. 
Should Sound Quality of Computer Audio be improved
WMP is REALLY easy, sounds good, and my cd's (except sacd's)are mostly in boxes waiting if they are needed again. What's the problem, other than of course always searching for better sound? 
Are you still playing CDs after, comp based syst?
My new Marantz SA8004 sacd player/DAC has a USB input. So for the hell of it I ripped some cd's (WAV lossless)unto my laptop on Windows media Player. Hmm, easier than other programs I tried to rip cd's to. The album picture and songs are there. So... 
Beatles Reissues on VINYL Finally
Mikelavigne, it seems we mostly agree. I wasn't saying digital can't sound good or an LP sourced from digital can't sound good. BUT, it's either analog or digital right? Anything involving digital is basically digital whether it sounds good becaus... 
Beatles Reissues on VINYL Finally
For the vinyl purists out there, isn't it true that vinyl that comes from digital still has the problems associated with digital, and in fact is digital played with a needle? This is like the old AAD cd's only put back on vinyl. It's fake vinyl. T... 
Frank Zappa?
"The boys in the crew are only waiting for you." One of his best solos IMO occurs on Overnite Sensation during the song Montana or whatever, about becoming "a dental floss tycoon." Frank was out there and great. 
R.I.P. Doc Watson
I saw him and his late son Merle play in Duluth,MN in the 70's. Great show. The guitar playing by him (and his son) were incredible. "Memories" is the album to get if you like Doc's country blues or want to discover his music.. 
MoFi Release Meets Expectations FINALLY
very easy to go out of business if your supposed to be an audiophile label and your stuff isn't. Hope MOFI reads this stuff. It's inexcusable to release albums that are compressed. However, they do have to use the master tapes (hopefully they are ...