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The best speaker you ever heard?
I've had my Nestorovic 5AS speakers for over 20 years and have never even thought about getting speakers since. Too bad Mile Nestorovic is gone. I sometimes wonder who will die first, me or the speakers? 
Dumb questions?
Thanks unsound. 
best cd player to get??
I like the Marantz SA-8004 for $1K. It sounds great, plays both sacd and cd, has digital inputs for it's very good dac, and will also input computer usb. Read the review in the ABSOLUTE SOUND. One thing, one my sacd's it didn't want to read. Thats... 
Dumb questions?
So, it seems two spades of different sizes would work well because of the difference in diameter of the amp and speaker posts. I guess they do have wrenches specifically for stereo connections, right? Any opinion on whether I could or should use d... 
spirit of 76....by spirit
The bass player plays with piano player Ian McLachlan (from the Faces) in a band in Austin, Texas. I saw then in a hole in the wall bar. great band. 
Street musicians
Most really good musicians have to work another job to make a living. To criticize them for trying to make a few extra bucks is sad. Most people really have little appreciation for musicians and consider them background music while they talk their... 
The Emperor DAC has no Clothes
To get to a certain level of resolution and quality I think you need to spend $1K for a dac or cd player. Any of the 10 or so popular items will do. Main difference is options you need. To get to another better level you need to spend at least two... 
Best DAC under 2k US ?
There is a certain level of player you have to get to achieve "good enough." The really cheap one's even though good for what they cost won't get you there. I'm saying well under $1K. 
Best DAC under 2k US ?
Sorry, marantz SA 8004. 
Best DAC under 2k US ?
i like the new Marantz 2800, which also plays cd's and sacd's. Not the best but great nonetheless and only a grand. 
Replace pre-amp
I already replaced the foam around the woofers. I don't think it's the speakers. They both sound great and when I changed the balance of the pre-amp they both sounded equally loud and the music still sounds very good. Yes, before I buy I will get ... 
Best Live Album Ever...
Stones unplugged is their best live album in my opinion. 
The amazing new Marigo Evolution Signature Mat
All i know is if I could afford to spend $100K on recorded music I'd rather hire the band. Really, if a person is that wealthy you could build a state of the art music venue just for you and your friends. Now that is significant improvement. 
Have digital players improved
The amazing new Marigo Evolution Signature Mat
So in order to hear SIGNIFICANT improvement all I need is a $100K system then this $200 tweak will really be the ticket? Amazing.