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Home Theater Newbie Seeking Advice for Cornwall IV Setup
"Frankly, if I’m you I’d seriously consider buying an Anthem MRX540 A/V receiver that’ll sound great, has plenty of power for your speakers, and at $1699 new it’ll save you a small fortune over the Rotel gear." Totally agree with the above statem... 
Klipsch Heresy Is compared to IIIs. Thanks for opinions.
Max, I have H1, H2 and have heard H3.  IMO, each progression is a tad better.  Good thing about any of the versions is that unless you pay an elevated price for them, you could re-coupe what you paid if they do not rock your world. Bill    
Stacking Components
@petg60 said," Not the best idea but can do if space is a factor.I would put the heavier unit on top."Even though my Yamaha CD-S1000 CD/SACD player has pretty solid heft(33 lbs) to begin with, I have it's matching A-S1000 integrated amp and it's ... 
$2000.00 to spend on new speakers.
Klipsch Heresy III, or Heresy IV if you can stretch budget a bit.  You may be able to find some NOS Heresy 3s for around your $2000.00 budget.Bill 
Outlaw 7000x 7 Channel amp
Built by ATI.  Can't go wrong with that.  Great price point.Bill 
Would adding a separate 3 channel help in this situation
I know we are not talking exacts here but when I first added a 200w/ch B&K 3-channel amp to run my LCR and let my midlevel Onkyo AVR just drive the surrounds, low level listening improved in very noticeable ways in my 4800ft3 multi-use room. M... 
A Hidden "Feature" of the Cornwall IV
I have owned Klipsch(Heritage and Reference) speakers for the last 15 years and have never experienced that "piercing" treble that chases one out of the room.  Source, amplification, placement/toe-in, room acoustics, all come in to play with Klips... 
A Hidden "Feature" of the Cornwall IV
" Agree with garbage crossovers. Great speakers. Buy new crossovers from alk engineering and they really sing."I agree with all of this but it is amazing how special these straight from the factory speakers are with the lowly junk crossovers.  Th... 
Klipsch Heritage Range
@leahy said" Might be able to find a great deal on a III if I keep looking."Right here.https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/197533-fs-mint-pristine-perfect-custom-cherry-heresy-...No affiliation.Bill 
Yes Anthem would be a good choice.The NAD T777v3 or the T778 will provide plenty of grunt to drive most HT rigs in most rooms.Bill 
Big NAD fan here.  Owned a flagship AVR in the past and currently using an older T175HD HDMI pre/pro and a couple of Acurus amps in my main HT rig.  While you could go with NAD's flagship AVR the T778, why not opt for the T777v3 and get a high cur... 
B&K EX 4420 vs B&K EX 4420 reference
" Willland your first sentence nailed it and reflects my opinion as well, well put."@phd,Thanks for the kind words.  I miss the EX4420.  It served we well and was a great trade for a Revel B15 subwoofer that has been rock solid.Bill 
B&K EX 4420 vs B&K EX 4420 reference
I owned a B&K EX4420 at the same time as the Reference 4430(3 channel) and the EX4420 seemed to have a bit more punch and refinement due to it being biased more class A or because it was a 2 channel amp vs 3 channel.  Not sure the reason thoug... 
Integrated to pair with Klipsch RF7 speakers
If you are looking at a pure analog integrated amp, may I suggest the Yamaha A-S1100($1600.00 to $1900.00) if you can find one NOS or refurbished/open box? I took my A-S1000 over to a buddies to demo with his RF-7IIs and RF-7IIIs and the combinati... 
Better Amp for Cornwall IV's...
"Yes, but...I really like my Parasound pair, too!"Can't fault you there, nice rig.Bill