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Amp/Preamp Recommendations
Parasound JC2 $2000 used Parasound A21+ used $2500two tried and true pieces perfectly in you budgetgood luckWilly-T 
What Audio Religion have you converted others to successfully?
COVID Anger is rampant right nowshort fuses high blood pressure soon we can all be nice to each other again and understand we’re all in this togetherinhale on a 4 countexhale on a 4 count 
Speaker Positioning
http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/optimizing-the-soundstage-with-speaker-placement/Best placement info I have ever read.  Please readWilly-T 
Analog or Digital and why?
Either way  no matter what, people will always say that digital sounds sooooo analog or that high res file sounds sooooo much like vinyl.  Analog formats will always be the baseline or reference for discussions like this.Also in 30 years you look ... 
Hum with Ypsilon MC26L SUT that goes away with touching
I feel your pain and had the near same problem.Turn the power off at the breaker box then run a separate wire from the turntable ground  to the ground post in the wall socket then you should have a true uninterrupted groundalso you may want to mak... 
Looking for ideas on Lyra Delos - muddy middle
helloyou just described a magnetized cartridgeDemagnetize your cartridge and please let us know if it helpedGood luck Willy-T 
Mint LP Best Protractor
I have a scout and went through many alignment tools trying to avoid buying this http://www.feickert.org/index.php?id=17&L=1Go ahead and bite the bullet you will never look backstupid easy and stunning resultshave fun Willy-T 
... abit confused: how does a power cord affect the presentation of sound...
High quality power cords do not impede power to the unit hence high impedance/low impedance with the root word being impedeif power is less impeded to the component the more stable and efficient the signal from that component will be    At least t... 
Record Cleaning Machines
After you use a good ultrasonic you will never look back. Elmasonic coupled with Record Stack rotation device and Versaclean leaves a super clean record    Good luck  
Considering vinyl again and a possible used TT
With your current setup you will be disappointed unless you purchase a certain level of vinyl playback components.  Trust me I just went down this road trying to beat my cd playback. Here’s my suggestions and minimal level of components for you to... 
New TT or upgrade cartridge/platter on Project DC
hello,I just took your journey into vinyl about 4 years ago.Went through many turntable options mostly used and a few carts.Trust me when I say this.If you want to top your digital setup you will need to reach a certain level of components in viny... 
Turntable platforms
Same thing with components as with turntable4 curtain rings 4 racquet balls place feet of components centered on the racquet balls vibration gonedoneor you can place granite in the racquet balls then your componentsan engineer shows me this 30 yea... 
Turntable platforms
Here is everyone’s solution4 curtain rings 4 racquetballs 2x3 slab of granite counter top 1)place rings down in a square2) put balls in rings3) place granite slab on racquetballs Done! No vibration 
Frustrated with Vinly
Buy an ultrasonic cleaner if you want quiet vinyl playbacki went through the same experience you did until I got an ultrasonic cleanereverything else is second to this cleaning processgood luck