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Lightning Strike
Giglr, were the componenets on when the strike occurred? I had it happen once during the 80s and only components that were on suffered damage. Basically the pre-amp and tape player suffered damage. Everything that was off was ok and the TT and pow... 
Recommended components on Stereophile Magazine.
I've kind of come around to giving Stereophile a little more credence than I used to. If you go over to audioasylum critics corner, he answers these kinds of threads regularly and with great aplomb. Also John Marks and others post there. I think t... 
Which songs/albums take you back to college?
Started college in '79...Lynard - Street SurvivorsVan Halen ISniff and TearsLed Zep - In through the out DoorDixie DregsFrank Zappa - Joe's GarageThe CarsFleetwood Mac Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon 
You know you're an audiophile if--
Ok I got new one I'm just finding out about. You have an extra pair of speakers - good speakers. You were going to sell them because you already have two systems. You decide you can't do that and start thinking, what amp and equipment do I need to... 
What speaker would be good for Krell rack?
Perfect metaphor Chazz: Krell+Theils can etch glass. I think your description of the highs and strong bass match my experience exactly. 
Aerial 9 vs Dynaudio Contour S 5.4
I agree - different speakers. I prefer the Aerials though the Dynaudios are right up there. The Aerials are more articulate with tigher bass. "Tuneful" bass as a friend says. The Dynaudios are warmer with more bass punch. IMO, the Aerials are more... 
Avalon Eidolon Diamond price
I haven't found Agon's bluebook to be off by "multiples." At worst a lot of the stuff selling now, is usually at or 5% below the lowest recent sales. Not necesssarily but in many cases. I've bought and sold a few things and keep up with other equi... 
Pass XA30.5 or Krell FPB-400cx?
I second Tvad's advice. You won't find a better guy in the business than Mark at Reno HiFi. You owe it to yourself to try out the Pass. I think if you stated more about your preferences in sound and music, it wouldn't be too hard to make a suggest... 
Avalon Eidolon Diamond price
You could pay the fee and see the audiogon bluebook. I renew that every year. The only thing, I don't know if people are not reporting all the sales or what but AG's bluebook leans to the high side of what the products are selling for these days. 
New FedEx Ground and USPS Arrangement
I think the change has more to do with the UPS effort to cause Fedex to have to unionize. You can type into google "ups tried to make fedex unionize" and you'll see articles about this. I originally read the article in the WSJ. The first link that... 
How to fix my detailed, accurate but BRIGHT system
Another thing to remember about the so-called doubling down amps. Some of the manufacturers' amps don't exactly double down. The simply make the 8 ohm output higher than the advertised power. For example a 200/400 watt amp can have 300 watts at 8 ... 
any early 80's alt/soft punk fans out there?
I like GPs "Mona Lisa's Sister" quite well and still listen to it occasionally. 
Anyone tried Passive Pre's with Class D Power amps
How many inputs do you need? I've gone away from pre-amps altogether and run DACs with volume controls directly into my amps. Some DACs such as the Bel Canto and SD Transporter have multiple digital inputs. 
How to fix my detailed, accurate but BRIGHT system
I have several pairs of Aerials including the 7Bs. I've run a lot of different amps on the them. I found they sounded all sorts of different depending on the amp. I'm sensitive to highs in recorded music so it was an especially important point to ... 
wyred4sound amps
Pass amps are the best I have owned and the customer service is beyond reproach, [...]My kingdom and a horse for a US car company that would do the same.