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Top 5 Hamburgers
Canteen Hamburgers only in the alley in Ottumwa, Iowa. The best loose meat hamburgers ever. 
Best 'cue to eat while listening to the Blues
Memphis style: Corky's Memphis Runners up The Barbeque Shop Memphis and The Commissary in Germantown (just east of Memphis)Texas Style: Coopers in Llano TX 
Small Speakers for Small Room, Close to Back Wall?
I agree with the Linn Kan's. I am using a pair in my office not only against the wall, but on a bookshelf. I found these a few years ago used. They are an early pair....and well they do sound good. 
NAD C325 or 326Bee efficient enough for PSB towers
You might consider the C320BEE as well. It is the model just before the 325 and might serve you very well for a bit less of an investment used. 
Slate under speakers?
OK no laughing. A few years ago, I wanted to raise my Hales Rev 3s a bit as I am tall and so is my chair. I have been using this cheap tweek with great results. I purchased a pair of 12" square cement path stones each about 2" thick. Each is place... 
Your First Vinyl Album.
Wow you guys make me feel old, well at least older. The first vinyl I bought for myself was a Henry Mancini album "More Music from Peter Gunn". Hey Shelly Mann on drums and probably other notables. I played it on my folks Magnavox Stereo in the re... 
Makeshift Isolation - Advice Needed
Hockey pucks!Really there cheap and make good isolators. you can go crazy (as I have) for not much $. 
Best pre-owned 2-channel amp for under $2000??
Check out Llano Amps. out of business, but more powerfull than a locomotive. There are two for sale here on Agon. I currently have two myslef, but those are not for sale. 
How good is your memory
I started with a Wolensak 3M Tape recorder and added a Fisher Receiver model ???, Dual 1219 ( or was it a 1019) turntable and a pair of AR4X speakers. That was about 1967 or 68. Then, like 40+ years went past and... well click on my current system... 
Passive preamp vs. powered
I have a Creek OBH 12 Passive (with remote) and an Audio Electric Supply (AES by Cary) AE3 tubed pre. While both sound good, the AE3 makes accoustic guitars sound more like wood and vocal just sound better. You must trust your own ears. Happy List... 
I would like some feedback on a int. amp
I've owned two Sim I-5s over the years and loved them. 
Anti Cables to join my system, are they enough?
I am using them (the speaker cables)in my main system and love their sound. Other cables I've used were Kimber 8TC shotgun, Analysis Plus Oval 9s, and Cardas Cross. The anti cables just sounded better, more and tighter bass in my system. When I fi... 
The Better My System Gets....
I would like to suggest that maybe the venues you choose are not the ones for listening. Most folk clubs (think original accoustic music written and performed by the songwriter) are considered listening rooms. For examples check out unclecalvins.o... 
which speaker cables to buy?
I had very good results with Anti Cables at $10/foot. check em out! 
Cary SLP-30 vs Cary SLP-50 vs AES AE-3 Preamp???
I have been using an AE3 for a few years now (see my system) and have not looked back. The thing I noticed first is that acoustic guitars are made of wood and with the tube pre they really sound like it. Watch the gon for a used one, usually aroun...