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Audio Electronic Supply AES/Cary AE3 MkII preamp
I have had an AES AE3 for a few years and love it. 
Baby name opinion....
if it were twins, a boy and a girl then Sterea and Stereo. I hope you don't try for quints just to use.......yeah you got it.....surround sound LF, etc. 
Is anyone using sand boxes under their speakers ?
I raised my Hales Rev 3s using concrete pavers (12" x 12") which I painted black. Under each are four hockey pucks. The Hales with spikes sit on top. Not only did i raise them up where I wanted, the bass response tightened up as well. And the cost... 
Inexpensive Cork Room Treatments
Wouldn't they make the music too dry? 
Advice on stacking equipment
I use hockey pucks between units when I stack 
The day the music died.
I bought a box LP set several years ago which includes most everything Buddy ever recorded. Does anyone know of something similar available on CD?Elvis was bigger than Buddy, but I will always think that Buddy had a much greater influence (and sti... 
black touchup paint?
Another thought is shoe polish. 
Can anyone help me with Hales T5 woofers
check with Madisoundwww.madisound.com 
Vinyl in Dallas
Check out Forever Youngwww.foreveryoungrecords.comit's on Hwy 360 between Arlington and Grand Prairie.and Bills records in Dallas. www.billsrecords.com/ 
Comedy Tonight
If you like comedy, this should be a great show on PBSIt,s tonight in the Fort Worth Dallas area. Make 'Em Laugh: The Funny Business of AmericaNerds, Jerks & Oddballs: Would Ya Hit a Guy with Glasses?; Breadwinners and Homemakers: Honey, I'm H... 
Platform/Base under heavy speakers - Pagode HD09?
I have my Hales Rev 3's as follows:1. four hockey pucks on the floor2. concrete 12 x 12 x 2 (height approx) painted black. The type you get at Home Depot, Loews, etc. Look around and you can find a few differant sizes. 3. Hales on top of that, wit... 
Vote for your "Favorite Christmas Music CD or LP"
I have a tie. Leon Redbone's and John Prine's. 
Secret messages on LP's?
when Paul and Linda McCartney appeared on the Simpsons, they told Lisa that if you play their album backwards there were vegitarian recipes. 
Tube Pre, budget $1K?
check out AES (Audio Electric Supply) by Cary! 
Acoustat repair or rebuild in Texas???
Did you solve your problem yet? Freeman Tuell in Dallas, 214.324.1132 would be my place to start. Good Luck.