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Anybody know where I can get my LLano serviced?
If you're near the Dallas Fort Worth area I would get contact Freeman Tuell 214.324.1132. Marvins Electronics in Ft Worth would be my next choice. I've got two Llanos myself. A Trinity and a 100S. Good luck and happy listening. 
So whats your favorite music themed movie?
Oh Brother Where art thou? 
need a good preamp for around 500
AES AE3 used. You won't regret it. And if you buy used you should have money for another set of tubes. I love mine. It adds warmth. The first thing I notiticed was that I could hear the wood in accoustic guitars. 
Needed subwoofer Recommendations.
I second the HSU brand. I have a VTF2 in my bedroom system along with two pair of Bostaon Accoustic A70s for L&R and I love this sub. 
floor standing speaker platform questions
I have a pair of Hales Rev 3s and because of my height and that my listening chair is a rather large wooden rocker, I decided to raise my speakers. End result is they are spiked, sitting on square foot concrete stepping stones (painted black) and ... 
Anti-Cables with NAD and Vandersteen
Talk to the folks at anticables they are very helpful. I bought a couple pair. I replaced a a pair of speaker cables in my main rig which retail for over $700 and was well.......supprised as all get out. I am still using the little copper cables. ... 
How LONG have you been an AUDIOGONER'?
Holy Crap! I too am an old koot. I've been a member since May of 09.My how time flies. But I've got a lot of good stuff here and dealt with some really nice folks.Y'all keep it up. Woody 
Using older cable in new system? Need advice...
A while back i was at a freinds house who had a decent set up albeit like 15-20 years old. Klipsch Heresys etc. I looked at their cables and mentioned that newer cables would help. They thought I was crazy. So later I took some newer ones I had us... 
Designer Hall of Fame
Don't forget Henry Kloss, and one of my favorites Paul Hale (Hale speakers) 
Music for toddlers and parents?
I'll second Sara Hickman, but also check out Trout Fishing in America. great music great writing. Start with the kids stuff and work your way up. Woody 
Best Cheap Speakers - New or Old
I've got two pair of Boston A-70s in my bedroom sysytem. They're statcked with the top pair upside down to keep the tweeters close. They sound great and the cost of both pair plus some refurbishing, new foam all around, i've got less than $500 in ... 
First Tube Preamp
Find an AES 3 made by Cary under the name Audio Electric Supply. I've had one for at least a couple of years now and I just love it. Watch for a used one here on Audiogon and be sure to get a couple good NOS (new old stock) tubes. I bought a few S... 
Limited size for bookshelf speakers...help??
Be sure NOT to get anything which is rear ported 
Fixing a dent in a whoffer cone
I once used the wine tool which lets you reseal your wine with a vacuum. It worked, but the "kiss" idea is the same principle. And y'all are correct in that it's just a dust cover and does not effect the sound. 
Dual duty and LOUD
I used to own a pair of Polk SDA SRSs. They could easily play well beyond stupid loud and with no distortion. They're big and I often wonder how they would sound today compared to my Hales Rev 3s, which cannot be played near as loud. The good news...