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Any opinions on Acurus amps?
I owned the RL-11 and a pair of A-150's for at least a couple of years without any problems. The 150s just sound better that the 250s. Just my opinion, but I really enjoyed them. I am currently using a Llano A100 and an AES(Cary) AE-3 Pre and whil... 
need some suggestions for Acoustics Blues
Hans Theesink, Roy Book Binder, Guy Davis, Ann Armstrong, &Jorma Kaudonen are some of my favorites and of course you do have to get the Robert Johnson complete set. Just had Rory Block Live in Dallas. 
SLI-80 which 6SN7?
Go to Vacuum Tube Valley [www.vacuumtube.com] and get the back issue number 11 from the spring of 1999. Most of this issue is about the 6SN7 and while parts of it are over my head, there is a very nice one page article which lists and rates over 2... 
Can anyone name that digital front end?
It sure looks like an Ayre to me. I think the picture refered to is at http://forum.audiogon.com/i/ces04/f/1073880651.jpgWoody 
Power Amp suggestions in $2000 range ?
There are two differant Llano amps on sale on the gon right now. I have an older all SS Llano and as pleased as I am I would love to try the 300 watt the seller is selling for less than 2,000 which is less than one-half the original price. 
Good Integrated for cheap Krell or Plinius?
I owned a plinius 8150 and have heard the Krell 300i which I compared to a Sim I-5 I owned at the time. Just my opinion, but I was not at all impressed with the Krell. I loved my Sim, and the reason I sold the plinius was due to my wanting to do s... 
To repair or buy cheap?
I ended up with a Sony Receiver from the 70's one time which made various poping and cracking noises whenever I turned it on. My solution was to never shut it off and I enjoyed it for a long time. I later sold it to a nonaudiophile friend and told... 
Hales Concept 5
check out: madisound.com 
Best solid state power amp for $1k
Llano amps. They hardly ever come up for sale, but there is one now that is a hybrid and if I didn't have a Llano already I'd snap it up. 
What are the most under-appreciated products?
Llano amps. I have one in my main listening system (a 100S). And I understand the newer versions are even better. Also, I think any of them, such as mine, can be sent back to Randy White, owner and founder, and they can be redone or brought up to ... 
Favorite Movie Soundtrack
Oh Brother... 
POLK SDA series
I owned a pair of SDA SRS for a few years. They had the widest sound stage I'd ever heard. I drove them with a pair of Acurus A-150s. I now have a pair of Hales Rev 3s and am using a Llano 100S amp. The polks also had the ability to be played loud... 
What is your favorite low-tech tweek?
I agree with Dopogue on the hockey pucks. I use them under pracitcally everything. Also my speaker stands and amp stand are 4 pucks each with a one foot square concrete footer on top of the pucks. These made my Hales Rev 3s sound even better. And ... 
Good sources for oddball recordings
Try cdbaby.com for a huge selection of lessor known artists, that include many great albums. 
AES3 any thoughts
I've been using an AES AE3 for about 9 months now and am very happy with it. Be sure and get some decent NOS tubes. I've ended up eith a few pair of Sylvanias. The stock tubes were just too microphonic. The stock tubes were ok at very low listenin...