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?Morrow or ZenWave Power and interconnects?
Morrow will sell and offers a sixty day return. No Demos. Hymn  
?Morrow or ZenWave Power and interconnects?
Great suggestion(s) in asking to audition. Called Dave...and will call Mike too..Know interconnects are key 
Puzzled about reasons why there seems to be no shortage of used planner speakers
Maybe it's because planner speakers are so big?  A lot of new speakers have all sorts of va-va-voom shapes, materials and finishes.  Also one can't rule out visual response. 
I woke up with cold ears
My inner nerd loved reading all of this. I may need to seek professional help.  
Looking for an integrated tube amp under $2500
+1 on the Primaluna Prologue... But at 7" you will need a small fan or forget putting a tube amp in a small space like that...trouble! 
Why the fascination with subwoofers?
Sub(s) make listening a fuller richer experience. Even when not optimally placed they help. They don't take too much messing about to get them sounding/feeling right. For watching movies with explosions then a big and loud sub(s) add a lot. For mu... 
Went back to EL34's yesterday in Trilinear mode. Slightly better sounding symbols. Overall it sound less punchy than Utralinear. Or is it the other way round? The Utralinear is louder so naturally one hears more until volume is reduced. It's a ple... 
I also have a PL tube CD player. I can’t say if it’s better/worse than others. I like it but didn’t try anything else. 
I had Dialogue integrated and traded it for a Dialogue HP integrated. (Had a tube Mac prior then a Hegel). I rolled the supplied el34’s to KT 120’s to power sonus faber’s that needed more to drive them. It’s around four years old now. No problems.... 
How good is your system
Colbert reported from a flume that Future Love Paradise is past pluperfect while Hi-De-Hoed while swinging her Calloway. My system is so good it clears mud. Dig? 
What in your mind represents real technological advancement.
Loved reading about Edgar Villchur..Thx cd318 
Reasonable but not outragious interconnects
Lasprada audio very good. They have a web site but sell for less (new) on eBay. Well made.Anything better than low end stuff. Hard to go wrong upgrading.  
Power - where to start? Mains, chords, conditioner, filter?
Where to start is to consider the entire power flow set up by thinking of it as an entire system. I first got a power conditioner but it wasn’t until the wall plug, cords et all was changed that the sound morphed like it was top end system that’s ... 
Best Way to Integrate Subwoofers?
I'm confused.My Primaluna HP has a sub out RCA tap that I run to a B&W sub. Would I be better off using a Subwoofer Crossover? 
How much do we at A'gon influence the industry?
To those of you who say No,nottah and zilch. I recently completed a long search and purchase for a speakers upgrade. This forum and others out there on the web guided me (Sure I did speak to my dealer as well.). I’m fortune to have landed with a P...