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DAC Merry Go 'Round- why I stopped at Weiss
@mclinnguy Any desire to try an MU2 Yahsureyoubetcha. My spies tell me they are all spoken for. As for all the "adjustments" the Weiss 501 makes, I have not messed with them save the vinyl record one. My spies also tell me the MU2 is all it is ... 
DAC Merry Go 'Round- why I stopped at Weiss
@mclinnguy As you asked.  Between the MU1 and Weiss 501 is a Cardas Clear AES/EBU. The AES is essential for the magic and synergy to happen. Both the streamer and the DAC have 聖Hiijiri power cables into an Audioquest Niagara 7000. We have poor pow... 
Speakers - Your "Safest" Choice
Late here but agree that Sonus Faber would be hard not to like and they are easy on the eyes. Focal's are faster and for rock  music may be the ticket. Klipschorns (latest iteration) or Fleetwood Deville's would be the way to go keeping in mind ... 
Eliminated my preamp with amazing results
LEEDH processor in the Lumin (s) or a Grimm Mu2 (impossible to get) are two safe bets for just digital w/ no pre amp. @gdaddy1 Here's another plea to loose the lap top.    
If your budget allowes please consider the Weiss DAC204.   
Streaming DAC recommendation
@audiobuddy You didn’t list a Roon nucleus as the core. If you are using a computer as the core that’s less than ideal (info all over these forums ) as is airplay. You can find a used Roon Nuc easy enough and then get a used all in one streamer/... 
@boomerbillone Do you mean Audio Sensibility? Great stuff from them.  
Here’s a Weiss 204  
Weiss 204 to Bricasti M1 series?
Yup, The MAC mini ain’t skinny. A streamer is. Please get the best you can afford and clean up the Ethernet chain. Read all about it by searching these fora.   
Lifting the Christmas veil
There’s the old saying of “ happy wife, happy life.” Is there a known corollary for men? Buller Buller?  
Streamer Comparison and Suggestions
If I was starting over again and didn’t have a DAC or streamer (and had the cash) the MU2 would be under the tree. 🌲 Not socks 🧦   
Router for Audio Streaming
Naturally trust your ears with your set up. Out here in this top secret location with the equipment in house once my $19 router was removed the sound improved. Anything that reduces noise helps. Digital is prone to noise.   
Router for Audio Streaming
@tubeguy76 I will as soon as you see a purple cow.   
A great interconnect between Soulution 751 and 725
In no order audio sensibility - reasonablly priced zen waive - great cardas - great example of you get what you pay for On my B system I got speaker cables from Kinki studio Wow! Who would have thought Buy used