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Why "Cryo" anything?
JohnNice post. Out of curiosity, is Jimmy Neutron your less intelligent brother?CheersBill 
Best intergrated amp for under $2000
Rule one when asking a question like this: expect suggestions of anything other than what you put on your initial list.I can't help much. I own an A300 paired with B&W N804's that I am quite happy with. Haven't heard any of the rest. Best advi... 
History of Plasma TV's?
Items 1 and 2 are almost certainly incorrect according to the History from the University of Illinois where technology was invented (at least according to them). Didn't read the entire article so not sure if item 3 ias correct. 
Best Cd Player under $100,000
Wire me the money and I'll put you in to something excellent. I promise. 
Uncle Heavy's Pork Chop Review???
Perhaps someone has already responded privately. If not, perhaps THIS is what you are looking for. 
Your say - AudioQuest DBS system
One recent thread HERE. May be others. 
Favorite Lesser Known Sax Players
Bill Clinton anyone???? 
Audioquest cables: replace the DBS Battery pack.
Why not wait for next year's upgrade to 72V? Maybe this DBS works, maybe it doesn't. But if it did, why the heck didn't Audioquest figure out that 36V was better that 12V last year and just sell them that way...the actual battery cost can't be tha... 
Jefferson Airplane
Best of Audiogon Members
Any number, but I would nominate Sdcampbell for, if nothing else, his tutorials on jazz. 
Can I convert dvda to Apple Loseless???
I do not believe there is any way to convert DVD-A or SACD directly into anything that can be put on an iPod. I seem to recall a discussion regarding "ripping" of LP's to a hard drive. Something about taking the analog output into an analog/digita... 
There's a sucker born every minute
I believe that is "the tiniest" rather than "tinniest".More impressively - "The M6 501R II has 5 x 30Wrms satellites and a 50Wrms subwoofer. Don't be fooled though, including the center bass drive, this is a combined power output of 230W! The M8 6... 
How good are the B&W 801...Series 2 Speakers ????
I haven't heard either. But if you had the 802's, what was it about them that you didn't like? Unless is was "just missing some bass", it is likely that the 801's will have the similar issues. 
iPod low sound level
If you connected the iPod via the earphone jack, volume is controlled from both the iPod and your system. If the volume on the iPod is low, it doesn't much matter how you crank up anything else because there isn't much signal there. The iPod shoul... 
Freezer Cryoed Cables...
Here's my guess. Rpatrick thinks all summer about what his Masters thesis should be. Comes up with something along the lines of "Gullibility & civility of message board readers" or, perhaps, "Gullibility & civility of audiophiles" and craf...