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Dimming extremely bright and annoying LEDs
Nail polish might be less noticable than black tape, though may be more difficult to remove without causing damage. 
"simian" rock/pop songs?-a survey
Monkees Theme ("Hey hey we're the Monkees") 
iPod Confessional
Value amplification for B&W nautilus 804's
DougI've used an MF A300 with my N804's for close to 2 years and have been very happy it. Very musical. I've seen several used on Agon in the $1000 range. Assuming they are in good shape, probably can't go wrong at that price.Bill 
Tube subwoofers?
Steve - You wouldn't be selling Seventh Veil speakers by any chance? Or ultimate power sources? Or kleenex boxes? 
Open-Minded or Gullible?
Marco - Just saw it. Question is, what electronics to drive them? 
Open-Minded or Gullible?
Jax2 - Loved the ultimate tweak. One question, the base is maple but does it matter what the broomstick was made from? I assume it was wood so my fiberglass composite handled stick won't work though, perhaps, it may be smoother. 
For those of you with power problems....
Elgordo - Same sort of cooling towers are used for combined cycle natural gas fired plants as well as coal plants (though I might be mistaken on the latter). They always showed the cooling towers at Three Mile Island because they are much more dra... 
What was your first system, & did you like it?
Pioneer SX-636 receiverEPI 5's(???) speakersTeac A150 (???) Cassette DeckDual (something) TurntableOf couse I liked it. Not much bass but it was my first, it was the 70's, it was what I could aford, and it certainly sounded much better than my par... 
Jazz recommendations for a beginner?
This is an excellent thread on the subject, particularly Sdcampbell's contributions: me quite a bit. 
Medieval-style music
There is always Steeleye Span who did English medieval sounding (maybe authentic) stuff back in the 1970's. "Parcel of Rogues" and "Storm Force Ten" are two that I have but haven't listened to in 20 years. I recall enjoying the former. 
Wife is remodeling - spkr cable recommendation pls
Jetkitty is correct that I am looking for cables for the 2-channel but I appreciate everyone taking the time in any event. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. I have a few more options to look at now that I hadn't thought about. 
Coolest color for Wilson Watt/Puppy 7 ?
To Kchahoc's point - my recollection from my college days is that it was determined that the color yellow had a lower drag coefficient therefore cars painted yellow went faster, all other things being equal. Extrapolating to speakers, I would imag... 
Maxwell Smart and Miles Davis?
Isn't that "The ol' speed up the Nature Boy trick, eh?" or "The ol' slow down the theme song trick, eh?". 
Anybody using Nordost solar wind spk cables?
Never heard them but $399.95 for 10' pair at