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Best preamp under 1500$ freya+ , cary slp03 ?
The Freya+ is tough to beat. It’s very versatile, has a great volume control and has great resale value. Will something @ $1500 be “better” than the Schiit? Maybe. More versatile, doubtful. Better resale, doubtful. Better volume control, doubtful.... 
Does it make sense to "ignore low ball offers"?
“ Does it make sense to "ignore low ball offers"?“   If one is already at a “rock bottom” price, sure…..  
Do I really Need a Digital to Digital Converter?
Going back to the Audio Alchemy days, the answer was an absolute yes. As far as the latest and greatest things made today, maybe?  
Will China become the poor man’s dealer for high end audio?
@jasonbourne71 “China will never contend in that segment!”   Never is a very long time….  
Phono Preamp Recs under $200 for My System
The NAD PP2e is an excellent unit and well within your price range provided you don’t mind buying second hand. If brand new is preferred, it will be slightly above the stated price range.   
Leaving my amplifier on ok?
@highend64 seems to have already answered his own question. Anywho, here’s my take. Give the ones that generate heat room to breathe. Chances are all will be well.  
Pls help me decide Pass Labs X250.8 or Luxman M900u
Odyssey audio   Bryston.   
SET Lovers, what's the one solid state amp you love(d)?
Zero consensus….  
The Snob Appeal Premium
Those model T speakers do look nice. Are they made in Canada or farmed out to China like Paul’s company in Colorado?  
New CD Player
Cary Audio does upgrades to some of their gear. Maybe your gear qualifies for an upgrade? Perhaps contacting them would be a decent path. Any company that stands by their “obsolete” gear is ok in my book. Sonic Frontiers “The Parts Connexion” is a... 
Best Receiver?
The Concept receivers were quite nice. The lower to middle of the pack units usually sell for resonable prices. Their top of line units can go for megabucks... Very nice all in one units. If you are seeking a modern-day receiver, Magnum Dynalab m... 
What's the point of reviewing?
"it’s mute"   LOL, nice...  
2 for 1 or the PS Audio upgrade route?
Thanks everyone for the responses. This situation took an odd turn as a Sonic Frontiers unit with PCX upgrades performed in 2103 and 2020 became available. So, without hesitation, I purchased the updated SFCD-1. It is a super good unit. The only d... 
Turntable is the most expensive in the chain, do it make sense
“ do it make sense?”   Indeed it do….  
So many YouTube clips to evaluate sound quality. Why???
People like their YouTubes….   Fight the trend or go with it….