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Schiit Audio feedback
The Schiit is solid!  
Passive preamp
How does the Freya sound when using in different modes? Passive, buffered , tubes. I use mine in a second system 90+% of the time in passive mode. I actually went as far as selling a Freya+ a while back as a substitute was found and said to be sup... 
Complete vinyl system, TT to speakers, for $1500?
U-turn Audio can be a provider of a system. Turntable with built in phono preamp straight to powered speakers. Easy Peasy.   
Probably a dumb question
Plinius is a tough one to catch.   Watch out for the scams on the world’s largest auction site.   
A'gon joke...
Bots liking and commenting to bot comments and posts.   Ain’t life grand…..  
Integrating speakers into contemporary decor - can WAF ever be overcome?
“Don’t go through with the merger. She’ll become insufferable to live with as time goes by.”.    Ouch. LOL!  
Can I Trust The Music Room's Product Description?
TMR is, in my experience, a solid company. Perhaps you could work out a trade up scenario for a newer edition of the unit?  
My Final System Build in Words & Pictures
Some new E-bay scams
The fake shipping thing was done to me as well. Bought a Plinius amp. Says it was shipped and delivered. Immediately filed a claim since no item was delivered. Funds were returned to the credit card. Buyers, please always use a credit card to prot... 
HDCD vs the Newer SHM-CD, BluSpec, UHQCD, etc
Second the Sonic Frontiers unit for HDCD playback. I recently purchased one with 2 levels of upgrades from the parts connexion. It is very very good.   
pS Audio is dealer only now I guess..
Perhaps you were using a vpn showing your location outside the USA?  
“He could, on occasion, take a joke without outrage... *G*”   Indeed.   
Is there a ceiling limit on what you are willing to pay for an audio component?
@curiousjim Wins the day. Lol  
Any Thoughts?
@geoffkait for Prez.   
All Stocked Up and Nowhere To Play
Some people may purchase an LP as a souvenir of a concert since ticket stubs are mostly a thing of the past.