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Classic rock album covers
Strawberry Alarm Clock, Wake Up, It's Tomorrow!!! Great cover. Would also make a great T shirt!!Also another vote for King Crimson "Court of the Crimson King." 
Just a kind word of thanks
Zaikes, Yep, I am a Steve also. I could see that couple of thou, but it would be a bunch of garbage, and I don't think you would want it, so I will politely fold. ;o) 
Just a kind word of thanks
Zaikes, I only wish I had a Teres. But for now, I am still using my Technics 1300. The only upgrade I have made is I bought a Goldring 1042 cart, which I am very happy with BTW. You say we live close, so am waiting for that email. Sorry I won't be... 
Just a kind word of thanks
Tom aka TWL, you are welcome and deserve many more cudos than I am able to express. I am glad to see the helpful members on this site get their just recognition for service above and beyond.I very seldom post here, but I can assure you, I have vis... 
Just a kind word of thanks
Quincy, this site has and is an education for me also. I too have found a fellow member who I contacted thru email and he has been VERY helpful in helping me learn about HiFi audio. There have been several times I would have jumped in and bought s... 
Old Newbie has questions on turntables.
Darryl, there are lots of pressing that seem to be consistently better than others. As for domestic pressing, Mobile Fidelity and DCC pressing are usually top notch. Japanese, Uk, German, and Holland pressing seem to usually be better than standar...