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Modern day female jazz recommendations
Albert, I saw Rachael mentioned (on AA) about a week ago and fell in love with what I have heard. I hope some great vinyl is in her future as I think it would certainly sell well. For 23 years old, she has potential for greatness.Steve 
Modern day female jazz recommendations
Rachael Pricehttp://www.rachaelprice.net/ 
how much would you say a good set up cost
Well, I would imagine the term "very good sounding" is probably very subjective and am sure most everyone that is in this hobby will say their system fits that bill. And I am no exception.I have less than $2000 in my mostly vintage system.Pair of ... 
Why do dealers do this?
My suggestion is to take control of the situation from the beginning. Tell the salesman EXACTLY why you are there. If the salesman doesn't seem willing to comply, speak to the owner and explain that you came in prepared to audition and purchase, a... 
How many use Vintage Hi-Fi systems?
I only have 1 current system setup and it is mostly vintage. Why vintage? For me is because I find quality vintage gear much more affordable and still very musically satisfying than new gear in my price range.A pair of McIntosh MC40s, Conrad Johns... 
Question about vintage Marantz 22xx power output
I used a 2252B for several years of flawless service. Passed it along a couple of years ago to a friends son that was returning from Iraq who wanted to build a vintage system. I have read several posts by vintage Marantz enthusiasts and they seem ... 
Speakers for Modest Tube System
For vintage, take a look and do a search for Altec Valencias. 
I Feel Overwhelmed....Please Help
Congrats Chaps on your new system. How long till you take delivery? I had a 1301 hybrid for a short time and spent extensive time listening to a friends 502. I think you will enjoy it.Post your thoughts and impressions when you have listened for a... 
I Feel Overwhelmed....Please Help
I agree with some of the above about giving strong consideration to going vintage. If you take your time you can build a very nice system for well under your budget. That is what I have had to do and am very happy with the results. Those that have... 
Good, Affordable Horns?
Lots of talk about Klipsch, but you should also consider Altec 604 duplex. These are nearfield monitors and work very well in a small room. Good electronics are a must. 40hz is there. Just thought you REALLY should give these some consideration. S... 
Speakers for Shanling mc-30, recs?
I would seriously consider Tekton. You can find easy access to the manufacturer on eBay. Then do a google search and read some responses from owners. If it was me, that is where my $ would go. 
Why Do Audio Engineers Use Different Speakers?
I use Altec 604-8G studio monitors (1975) with a pair of McIntosh tube monos and to me they reproduce music very well. Very realistic to my ears. I guess that is why there are so many manufacturers of speakers. I believe a great deal of the music ... 
Two-Year-Olds and Turntables...
My parents preferred electric shock treatments. It really played hell with my potty training. I didn't mind getting swatted with a rolled up newspaper, but I hated having my nose rubbed in it and thrown out the back door. We are very close. 
Audiophile Results
Stop the presses and hold it right there mister.Ah, nevermind. 
Speaker life expectancy: How long can you buy used
My Altec 604s were made in 1974 and they are still making beautiful music.