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Favorite H H Scott Tube Integrated Amplifier
Craig at nosvalves would be at the top of my list to service or repair my stuff. I have read nothing but raves about his work and attention to detail. I would send it to him without hesitation.Glad to see others enjoying their vintage gear. I love... 
Anyone here using vintage speakers?
Wow, lots of responses. I don't often see anyone talking about vintage speakers on here, so I didn't figure there would be many responses to my question. Glad to see that I am not alone in my appreciation for vintage audio. Cool beans!! 
Drive one nuts???
Drive one nuts? Consider yourself driven. ;) 
Are the Klipschorns mainly for Classical music ??
Boa2, have you ever compared the Khorns to Altec 604's? I love large horn speakers, but have never heard Khorns. Just curious and interested in your impression of the similarities and differences. 
Please help me.. I wanna some informaition about
Here is their dealer lookup webpage. I don't know the code for LA, so will leave that to you.http://thielaudio.com/search.cfm 
Best turntable for easy setup and no maintenence?
Since the OP asked this original question 16 months ago, I would hope he has made his purchase by now. :) By now he probably has a nice collection of Lp's, several carts, brushes, fluids, stylus cleaners, record mats, Marigo dots, record clamps, b... 
hardware or software: which is more imprtant ?
So, I guess my answer would be neither is most important. I think that belongs to the music.Forgot to add that in my first post. 
hardware or software: which is more imprtant ?
While well done recordings are nice, I am more into the music that is recorded. It can be an awesome recording and if the music sucks, it won't get played again. So I may not be the best to participate in your thread.The longer I am in this hobby,... 
I love this hobby-
Thanks for your feedback and comments. I don't post often, but do spend alot of time reading this site and a few others. It was really difficult to avoid the upgrade bug that seems to bite so many. Actually, I would have if the funds would have al... 
Technics Turntable question
If you can up your maximum by $10, I would recommend the Denon 110. It is a HOMC and it is a very good budget cartridge with Technics tables. You can get them from William Thackery on eBlob. He is the cheapest I have found at $110. 
PAS 2 replacement jack boards?
You might want to check at the Dynaco Doctor site.http://www.audioasylum.com/scripts/tv.pl?s=1&v=e&forum=dynaco 
Fellow vinyl junkies: we made the front page
LOL Chazzbo, I don't know if I should agree or disagree. I guess for the sake of argument, I somewhat disagree. IMHO ;)Let me run it thru babelfish and see if I can understand it then. LMAO 
breaking in audio components
There has been no noticeable change in my system since I bought them 8 months ago. I have logged probably 500 hours and they still sound the same. I don't think it is gonna happen.This is what I have experienced with my current amps and speakers. 
What companies, out of Business, did you LOVE???
Altec Lansing speakers. Votts and 604's. 
persoanlity and speaker preference
I like BIG horn speakers with BIG Tubes and dressed in black vinyl. Exposed, dynamic, colored, musical. I like my women just like my speakers.I hate walking, but when in a building it is my only transportation. I have been thinking a great deal ab...