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Thinking about another amplifier (Galion)
I'm not sure why anyone would be drawn to the specs of the TS120 since it's essentially a re-badged Doge 10, which can be found used for half of what is being asked for the 120. If you're going there for the tone controls, would a Schitt Loki Max ... 
Galion TS120
@smodtactical It’s a Doge 10. Internal pics are on the site. https://doge.audio/product/doge-10-padc/  
Are Harbeth Super HL5 XD right for me?
Are you in the states?  I always felt Harbeth were a poor value on this side of the pond. A nice, well designed/built product, and respected history…but still. In the similar “new but vintage look and feel” category, I’d suggest looking into the ... 
Jazz like this? Suggestions
Some additions similar to MRQ that I didn't see listed above: Brent Jensen: The Sound of a Dry Martini  (basically a Paul Desmond tribute) Ben Patterson: For Once in My Life Houston Person: Live in Paris Hank Jones: For My Father  
Can I add a preamp to my system
The Naim Uniti has pre-amp RCA outs. Technically, using the Uniti as  DAC/Streamer and sending the signal to another pre-amp would work. Would it sound better? Hard to say. You'd probably want to set the Naim at a fixed volume (that won't overdriv... 
Galion TS120
Even if it’s the same exact amp, it seems like a risk of $3500-4500 on a product with ad-hoc “support” by an individual with limited knowledge of the inner workings of the equipment they’re selling.   
Galion TS120
The whole Galion thing is weird and unnecessary given the number of options in the tube integrated market. I always thought Doge’s decision to undermine sales ( or risk their reputation ) of their own product in order to fill orders for a YouTube... 
How to trigger gear that doesn't have a trigger port (?)
Search for a Belkin Pure AV PF60 on the auction site. They can be found for around $100. This unit is built like a tank, and will allow you to power on/off your whole system in sequence since it has time delay variability. You can set the unit to... 
Anyone Know The History Of XStatic?
Do you mean the GR Research X-Statik that Danny originally designed for AV123?      
Choosing between Cornwall IV, Trio15 or X4 Ultra
I have an open floor plan similar to yours, own the PL Evo 300 poweram,p and also listen primarily to jazz at lower volumes at night. I've owned the Spatial Audio M3 TS which was open baffle but lacked the powered "subs" of the X line. Honestly, b... 
Please, what DAC is this?
Mystery solved. You're probably relieved in way like when you finally remember the name of that person you attended school with, and you just ran into at the supermarket. 😀  
Experience buying from Europe?
I purchased a very large pair of speakers from across the pond at Audio Emotion UK and their service was exemplary. I'd have no problem recommending them purchase or service recommendations.  
Audio Research I/50 integrated?
It’s a great looking and presumably great sounding amp, but the i50’s need to be re-biased (professionally) every time a tube set is replaced seems at odds with its intentions as the entry point into the AR tube family.      
Please, what DAC is this?
Just guessing based on your description…Audio note DAC zero? They specialize in limited inputs and kits are/were available. Perhaps you saw a custom build?      
Has the ASR review/hatchet job on the Musetec MH-DA005 Changed Anyone's Mind?
Nice of ASR to tank the resale value of the 005....... Unless you're playing in MSB / dCS territory, resale value on most brands of DACs is a losing proposition. Not many are willing to buy into older digital tech. Prospective sellers could max...