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Aren't you sorry you missed out on this one? It's already sold out! LOL
I think it's absolutely gorgeous. Great idea.  
FEX EX Damaged New Legacy's
"Treat every package like it's you own."Very few (if any) shipping company employees live by this rule.From my own past experience, FedEx is easier than UPS to deal with as far as claims go. Took me 60 days once to get compensation from UPS for a ... 
When someone listens to your system for the first time.
A lot of my younger friends grew up listening to mp3's and music on YouTube with generic earbuds or computer speakers, etc. When they hear an actual stereo system they're very impressed.  
Best Preamp and Amp combination, interesting finding!!!
I always thought the same - that the amp is what makes the system sound better. After trying about 10 different preamps, ranging widely in price, I ended up loving my McIntosh C2300. With my speakers, I think it’s the part of the system that will ... 
What is your favorite album cover?
There are plenty to choose from but the first one the comes up is Queen, "The Miracle."Amazing computer technology at the time.  
What Is The Most Romantic Song That You Have Ever Listen To?
"Something" - The Beatles."Too Much Love Will Kill You" - Brian May at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert."Love Of My Life" - Queen"You're My Best Friend" - Queen"Make You Feel My Love" - Bob Dylan 
Samsung flat screen TV’s
I have a few friends who own Samsung TVs and have had some issues with them.I own a 55" LG OLED bought over 4 years ago and the picture is stunning. My only complaint is their operating system. It seems to disconnect from my Wifi network about onc... 
How many vinyl albums do you own you listen to?
2,000+ and I listen to 4-5-6 per week. I acquired a few big collections so it will take me years to listen to all of them, but maybe one day... When I'm retired. 
Favorite obsolete formats.....
Never Use HiFi-Exquis - Worst Merchant Ever!
Thanks for the update Calieng!Kudos to American Express customer service for backing up their customer. We often forget how evil most banks are and in my experience AMEX always have your back. And no, I'm not an Amex employee.  
Never Use HiFi-Exquis - Worst Merchant Ever!
In my experience AMEX should have your back. Best credit card company in the U. S. In my opinion.As far as ordering directly from China - I got burnt once with shipping back a DAC I bought directly from China. I had to pay return shipping and fill... 
Bohemian Rhapsody 
Warning: China-Hifi-Audio.com
I knowingly try not to order anything directly from China anymore. Even when an item has free shipping to you, in case you need to return it you have to pay $$ and fill too many forms to ship it back. If it's made in China and I really want it, I ... 
Worst Concerts You Have Attended ??
What a great subject! I go to a lot of shows but these few come to mind right away:Alice Cooper & Motley Crue 2014 in Glendale AZ. Worst sound I've ever heard. We couldn't hear the bands at all.Aerosmith, Glendale 2005. It was towards the end ... 
Sota or Technics
Technics all the way. I own a 1200G because I found a great deal on it. I did consider the GR before the G popped up. It will last forever, it's always ready to work, in my opinion it's gorgeous to look at and most important - it sounds amazing. V...