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McIntosh C2300 vs C2500/C2600 A/B Comparison
I think I remember reading your post about the C50 vs C2300 in the past. I also think we chatted before.Thank you! I'll be staying in this weekend listening to music and watching TV.Be safe everyone! 
McIntosh C2300 vs C2500/C2600 A/B Comparison
Thanks again for all the help. I did not pull the trigger on the C2500. I rolled some smooth plate Telefunken tubes in the MM and Line Stage of my C2300 and the sound is very lush and sweet. I own McIntosh XRT-28's and the highs can get a little t... 
McIntosh C2300 vs C2500/C2600 A/B Comparison
Thanks again!I'm going to roll some tubes as well before pulling the trigger on trying the 2500. 
McIntosh C2300 vs C2500/C2600 A/B Comparison
Thank you stereo5,Even though it's hard to describe sounds, in what way does it present music differently than the 2300?  
McIntosh C2300 vs C2500/C2600 A/B Comparison
Thanks for the input!That's the problem... The C2500 is not nearby, so it means buying it and trying it. I think it may be too much of a hassle and truthfully I kind of like that the C2300 is pure analog without the extra DAC features. 
McIntosh C45 - A truly hidden gem?
Hi utep10,I was commenting on the phono and line stage of both. I tried the DAC on both but my main usage is CD using unbalanced line in and Phono using the MM input.If I may ad - I have since upgraded to a C2300 (giving it a second and better cha... 
McIntosh C45 - A truly hidden gem?
I really like the 3D sound of it. If you stand in the sweet spot you can swear that the vocals are coming from the center, like there's a hidden center speaker in between the mains.The highs and mids are very sweet and non fatiguing. I like having... 
The Music Room - Boulder Colorado
I personally hate their pictures. While being in high quality and very detailed they never adjust the light temperature of their camera and everything looks "cold." Also, some of the prices are a tad too high in my opinion.Just my 2 cents. 
Denon DP-60L vs Technics 1200 MK III
Hi 2channel8,I ended up getting the Technics 1200, then traded for a 1210 (same table, black exterior). And I've enjoyed it ever since. From what I read, a lot of the Denon tables from the time have a lot of parts that are proprietary and if they ... 
To monoblock or not to monoblock McIntosh MC275's
My experience using the MC275 as monoblocks was that it was a little louder and a little more dynamic, but for my personal taste it wasn't worth it. While I love the tube sound, I use my system for hours at a time daily and I decided to go with SS... 
McIntosh MX121 vs. MX119 for 2-channel
Because the MX119 in stereo has the circuit of a C45 and cost less than half while maintaining the same audio quality in 2- channel.I used mine for surround as well.  
McIntosh MX121 vs. MX119 for 2-channel
Hi fmzip,While I sold mine over a year ago, as far as I remember it worked in 2-channel mode and only through the digital input.This processor had some software issues. I have since bought a C45.I hope that helps! 
Worth of current system
MSRP of my system is $80,000.What I paid for everything is $28,000. 
Song (or music) you want played at your funeral.
I have a few. Queen, "The Show Must Go On"Sinatra, "My Way"Warren Zevon, "Keep Me In Your Heart"And Mark Knopfler, "Piper To The End"I'd throw in the Muppets, "I Hope That Something Better Comes Along" 
Do you listen to equipment or music.
Music first. It's all about the music for me. It's by biggest love and passion. I enjoy my system a lot and tweak it endlessly but the bottom line is the music. At times I disconnect from the critical listening and I just play music to enjoy it.