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New McIntosh amp build quality
I've had a MK IV, MK V and a MK VI in my system. All fabulous amps with equal build quality. Personally I preferred the MK IV, which I felt was just a little more tubey than the MK VI. I also liked that the MK IV had attenuators and looked like th... 
What area or country do you live in ?
Tucson, AZ.But it's a dry heat :-) 
CD Got Absolutely Crushed By Vinyl
I disagree.Some albums sound better than CDs and some CDs sound better than albums. Depending on mastering of both. When I do A-B comparisons of the same album there are advantages and disadvantages to both. I love vinyl, but it's still so much ea... 
What are the best speakers you have ever owned and why?
McIntosh XRT-28.My all time favorite.Crystal clear highs, beautiful mids and enough bass with the right amps to drive them. And to me they're just plain gorgeous. 
Your 3 Favorite Songs
Tough one!So cruel - U2It's a hard life - QueenTangled up in blue - Bob Dylan 
Favorite band or artist of all time?
Queen for me. Since the first time I heard them at 8 years old. 
If you lost your stereo system would you still ???
It's all about the music for me. I can enjoy $100 speakers an $10,000 speakers. Just give me the right music! 
I Would LOVE to see.
Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Freddie Mercury for me.Kurt Cobain would be interesting as well. 
Suggestion for best stereo amp ?
+1 devilboyTotally agree. 
If you could only keep 5 record albums, what would they be?
Traveling Wiburys - Vol. 1Bob Dylan - Blood On The TracksU2 - Achtung BabyQueen - The WorksRolling Stones - Exile On Main Street 
What is the first album you purchased, and do you still have it?
Sting, "Dream of the Blue Turtles". I was 10 years old. Still have it and play it every now and then.Side note - a few years later I lend it to a friend, who gave it back with the inner liner notes page all wrinkled. Ever since I do not lend any a... 
Discontinued equipment that you wish were still here. What do you miss or think will miss?
I already miss Oppo. Bought a 203 when it first came out and it's the most solid Blu-ray player I've owned to date.  
Your Forever Pieces? What and Why?
McIntosh XRT-28 speakers and MC-601 amplifiers. While I haven't had them for a very long time, I don't see them going anywhere. I absolutely love the big wall of sound the XRT-28's produce and the 601's drive them with ease. I think I'll be buried... 
Ethics are sliding by members!
+1 for  chenthom1I just saw the ad - it's the plainest ad I've seen in a while... 
Ethics are sliding by members!
The fact that someone is a doctor should not make that person better than anyone else or more reliable. There are many unreliable and unethical doctors out there. The fact that someone can go to school for x amount of years and become a doctor mea...