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Freddie Mercury. Most versatile voice of them all. Eddie Vedder. Very unique voice.And of course Roy Orbison. Magical. 
McIntosh MX121 vs. MX119 for 2-channel
The whole sub woofer activation was weird. It wasn't working for me at all, and then I read somewhere about a firmware update that fixes that issue. I managed to update it myself and it only worked part of the time, and usually on the digital inpu... 
McIntosh MX121 vs. MX119 for 2-channel
Hi t3chnobrat, that's exactly what I was thinking all the years I had it. I have since switched to an actual C45 which I love. I do not recall the MX119 having a huge difference in sound between "Pure stereo" and "2-channel" - from memory, "2-ch... 
Can you live with your current speaker until you die?
McIntosh XRT 28's. Enough said (for me).  
Bands with great second albums
Extreme - Pornograffity 
Bands with great second albums
George Michael - listen without prejudice 
A song murdered by someone.
Limp Bizkit. ", Faith" (George Michael). I rest my case. 
What is the epic song of a group?
Queen - Bohemian RhapsodyClapton - LaylaGuns and roses - Paradise CityTom Petty - American GirlBob Dylan - Tangled Up In BlueBruce Springsteen - Thunder Road 
CDs Vs LPs
I love to feel and look of albums, and the large format artwork. It's nostalgia at its best. But nothing beats CD sound for me. Vinyl is like that temperamental crazy girl we all dated. Some days she's wonderful, some days she's breaking stuff up.... 
McIntosh Guy Going Tubes? (Maybe?)
I ran a C45 with a single MC275 and with Mono 601's. In my opinion the 601's were very close to the sound signature of the MC275, with more depth in the lower frequencies. The 275 placed the vocal/singer a step in front of the "band" and the 601's... 
I need some advise on a shipping disaster.
I bought a McIntosh MC2105, that was fully insured and packed very well by an independent pack/ship business. Insured to the full amount. Upon arrival, the front glass panel was cracked. With the seller and the shipping store assistance, we submit... 
How important is component “aesthetics” to you?
It must look good. Even before I went off the deep end and into high end stereo, I've replaced a silver face plate DVD player in my old system to a black one. I like my cars silver and my stereo black. In my opinion, the prettiest ones to look at ... 
Journey ending speakers
I absolutely love my McIntosh XRT28's. 6'5" tall with a small footprint, creating a gorgeous wall of sound. They're definitely going to the grave with me. Or I'll be buried inside of them! 
The one that got away
Pair of McIntosh MC1200 for $7,000... They never go under $10k. I tried to bargain... 
The new re-mix of Sgt. Pepper's
Ozzy,I love the Blu Ray mix. Dynamic, fresh, the music just wraps around you. A lot of vocals going through the center channel. I think it's worth it.