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dCS Dealer recommendations and dCS Network Bridge impressions
@david_ten  I see your point about the quality of the DAC end point. I will need to do some research on the ROON forum. 
dCS Dealer recommendations and dCS Network Bridge impressions
@david_ten If you have a Roon endpoint on your DAC do you need a Rendu if the DAC has Ethernet and there is also a ROON server on the network? 
Aurilac Vega G2 vs Aries G2
I was researching these units today and was wondering how good the Ethernet direct into the Vega G2 is. Aurilac seems to prefer wireless, so I was wondering if the Vega's Ethernet is the best connection option? 
KEF Blade or Giya Kaya 90/G4?
I have heard the Giya Spirit G1 (or whatever the current top model is called) and it sounded incredible. It was driven by excellent Luxman SS gear (over $200k system). This was just immediately after I heard the Blade 1 driven by Hegel gear ($40K ... 
Looking for Bryston MPS-1
Bryston may have one lying around.http://www.bryston.com/products/other/MPS-2.htmlThis link is for the new version. 
Monitor Audio Pl 300ii vs. KEF Reference 5
@bo1972 I understand that English is not your first language but your passion for audio come through to me. Thanks for taking your valuable time to converse.@audiotroy  I cannot make it to NYC area due to having a toddler to take care of. Going to... 
Monitor Audio Pl 300ii vs. KEF Reference 5
@fast Thanks for the advice. I love the KEF sound and I am trying my best to not buy the KEF;s for my office floorstander. The reason being I already have the LS50 in the bedroom and will have the Blade in the living room. Funny thing is I have no... 
Monitor Audio Pl 300ii vs. KEF Reference 5
@bo1972  I will keep that in mind about the Blades. However, getting back to my original question about room dimensions for the Monitor Audio speakers. What are the room size guidelines you follow for placing a 200ii, 300ii, and 500ii? 
Monitor Audio Pl 300ii vs. KEF Reference 5
@bo1972 The reason I have included the 200ii in my search is because of comments by owners that it sounds like the KEF Blade a very holographic speaker. That is one that places the performers and instruments in identifiable positions (if they were... 
Monitor Audio Pl 300ii vs. KEF Reference 5
@bo1972 I am looking at both the MA PL200ii and PL300ii for a small room, 16 x 14 or 11 x 13. I was reading in the Stereophile review that the reviewer found the 300ii worked well in the 16 x 14 room (he ended up buying the speaker). Though in the... 
Narrowed to 3: 802D3, Sopra 3, Reference 3
@milpai I believe audiotroy only carries the KEF line of speakers listed on this thread. He also said good things about B&W and Focal here. Though those comments seem rather obvious to people who know a bit about these Euro audio companies.I h... 
Monitor Audio Pl 300ii vs. KEF Reference 5
@fast Interested in your results. I am looking at the KEF Reference 3 vs the MA PL200 II for a smallish office. 
Ventura & Santa Barbara, CA
Try these guys. Bob LeviPresident and CEOLos Angeles and Orange County Audio SocietyCelebrating Our 25th Anniversary! Now with over 2500 Members! The World's Largest According to TAS!8144 E Bailey Way Anaheim, CA 92808 1-714-281-5850LAOCAS.COM for... 
Revel Salon 1 still worth it? Possible a small room?
I actually had my old Salon 1’s in a room just a little bigger than that and it was OK. I did bring it up from the front a bit due to the rear facing tweeter. The bass was a problem when played loud but I could not play that loud most times so I w... 
When did AudiogoN become a Showcase for The Music Room?
TMR are great folks. I sold a few things and got a lot better price than another place (forgot who that was). Transaction was very easy and good communication.